Toshiba introduces 'world's thinnest tablet'

Toshiba will begin shipping its newest tablet, the Excite LE, next week.

Rumor: iPad 3 shipments begin

In what may well be the last "rumor" story before the iPad 3 is actually announced, it seems like Apple's new tablet is ready for prime time.

Samsung announces Note tablet

Samsung has introduced the latest in its series of Galaxy-branded Android devices, the Galaxy Note tablet.

Google working on its own 7-inch tablet

Apparently Google isn't happy enough that its Android operating system has finally been implemented in a successful, top-selling tablet with the Kindle Fire.

$199 Nook Tablet jumps into the line of Fire

Barnes & Noble has officially unveiled a new version of its flagship Android tablet, with a price point exactly the same as Amazon's Kindle Fire.

8 GB Nook Tablet reportedly in the works

Barnes & Noble's footprint in the tablet market is about to grow.

New iTV news gives manufacturing rumors, Best Buy secrecy

Best Buy has stopped selling the Apple TV set-top box amid a new rumor that suggest preliminary production has begun on an Apple-branded TV set.

Report: 8-inch iPad in the works

So it seems we finally solved the question of when the iPad 3 will be revealed, but that won't put a stop to the ever churning iPad rumor mill.

The iPad 3 will be unveiled March 7

Although there has not been an official round of invitations, it is being reported that Apple will hold an event on March 7 where the next iteration of its popular tablet device will at last be shown to the world.

British TV station ITV doesn't like Apple's "iTV" name

The UK television network ITV has issued a fair warning to Apple saying that it will not allow the company to call its upcoming TV set the "iTV."

Galaxy Tab 2 will have Ice Cream Sandwich

The next generation of Samsung's Galaxy Tab brand will bring the successful tablet platform to the newest version of Android.

Report: Final iPad 3 preparations underway

According to the most recent scuttlebutt, the iPad 3 is pretty much ready to go; the only thing Apple needs to do now is set up one heck of an unveiling event.

DirecTiVo now available nationwide

Yep, Tivo is still around, folks.

Leaked photo is reportedly of iPad 3 display

A leaked picture is claiming to show what will be the much-hyped Retina Display for the next iteration of Apple's iPad.

Samsung forecasts 25 million smart TV sales

Samsung is expecting a very bullish year for smart TV in 2012, with 25 million unit sales expected.

Apple could take 5% of HDTV market

In an industry dominated by power players from Samsung to Panasonic, Apple is expected to make a significant mark.

Best Buy survey sheds insight into iTV

There's a survey circulating the Web on behalf of Best Buy, which provides deep details about what Apple's entry into the TV market might be.

Sprint announces a $100 Android tablet

Sprint is poised to break the $100 price barrier in the world of Android tablets.

Analyst: Apple-branded TV will be here this year

By the end of the year, consumers will be asking themselves if they want an HDTV, a 3D TV, or an Apple TV.

If you count iPads, Apple is now top PC maker

The iPad has garnered enough sales to make Apple surpass HP as the world's number one computer vendor. That is, if you count the iPad.