New Tivo has a half-terabyte capacity

Tivo, the DVR company that refuses to die, is apparently unleashing another model.

New iPad LTE data is a 'speed trap'

The allure of high-speed mobile data on the new iPad is great, but is it feasible with today's restrictive data plans?

New iPad clocks in 10 degrees higher than iPad 2

The latest version of Apple's iPad is hot. No, seriously.

Rumor: Asus Google Nexus tablet will cost $150-$200

It seems increasingly likely that when Google actively helps create an Android tablet, it will specifically target the Kindle Fire.

The new iPad goes on sale

The first batch of new iPads will be released to the public in a matter of minutes.

Meet the most powerful Scooba yet

The Scooba 390 has just been introduced by iRobot.

Nokia design head talks Windows 8 tablet

Nokia has confirmed that it is working on a Windows 8 tablet, and has provided new details.

New iPad will go on sale at exactly 8 AM Friday

Those who weren't quick enough to pre-order their new iPad online have one last resort.

Analyst: Apple-branded TV to begin production in May

Jefferies analyst Peter Misek believes that Apple will have all the necessary components and partners in place to begin producing its own TV set in May of June.

Nokia plans to offer Windows 8 tablet: report

Nokia has had so much success with its Windows Phone push, it's deciding to show Microsoft even more love.

New iPad 3 orders will take 3 weeks to fulfill

The new version of the iPad, as expected, is selling out quite quickly.

Parrot AR.Drone gets meshed with transparent video glasses

An enterprising geek has whipped up what may be the most interesting meshing of two gadgets I've ever seen.

Isaacson intentionally left out iTV details

Steve Jobs's biographer knows a lot more about Apple's push into the television market than he let on in his book.

This is it: new iPad to be revealed today

Here's what we know about today's big Apple event.

LG pioneers 3D streaming

LG has become the launch platform for a new 3D streaming standard.

The iPad 3 might be called 'iPad HD'

What we've come to know as the iPad 3 might not actually be called the iPad 3.

Google TV hasn't even hit a million users

The latest numbers show just how unsuccessful Google has been at reaching the coveted living room market.

Archos unveils Ice Cream Sandwich kids tablet

Archos is trying to break into the market that few have entered - a kid-centric tablet.

Cheap iPad 2 may make appearance on March 7

Although the iPad 3 is set to debut very soon, the iPad 2 may get a new lease on life as well.

Apple reportedly stalls Apple TV shipments

There's a lot of stuff brewing over at Apple HQ right now, and the company has to turn its attention away from something.