iPavement makes the road a web hotspot

Personally, I think wiring cities for widespread Internet access is a very good idea indeed.

Samsung confirms Android 4.0 ICS upgrade list

Samsung makes some of the most popular Android smartphones and tablets currently on the market.

Asus kicks off shipments of Transformer TF300 tablet

Have you been holding out for a new mid-range Android tablet with long battery life and sweet specs?

Logitech outs ultrathin keyboard cover for new iPad/iPad 2

The iPad is certainly a very capable tablet and with the right apps, you may not need to carry around a heavier notebook.

New $150 Android 4.0 tablet could shake up market

Step aside, Kindle Fire. There's a new affordable Android tablet that's come to play.

IKEA touts first television set

IKEA is typically thought of as reasonably priced furniture outlet where one can buy a variety of household items including desks, bookcases, tables and chairs.

Asus sets ship date for Transformer Pad 300 tablet

Asus has comfirmed that the official ship date for its new quad core Transformer Pad 300 tablet is April 22. The Android-based tablet - which is being positioned as a laptop replacement - will support 4G LTE connectivity.

Apple will launch 6 million iPad minis: rumor

In an effort to break into the impulse-buy market, the iPad is about to get a little brother.

Google to focus on lower-end Android tablets

Google is reportedly preparing to the enter the tablet market with its indigenously designed Nexus, as  CEO Larry Page confirms he remains "quite focused" on reaching the lower end of the tablet space. 

B&N unveils new Nook, makes e-ink sexy again

After the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet became the new e-readers du jour, B&N wants to go back to a device based on user-friendly reading.

RIM backpeddles in Playbook side-loading row

After gaining a lot of controversy, RIM says it will not disable Android app side-loading for the Playbook tablet.

Toshiba building massive 13-inch tablet

Toshiba believes when it comes to tablets, bigger is definitely better.

The word "iPad" might become genericized trademark

It's quite possible that in the near future, "iPad" will be a generic term that can refer to any tablet.

Video: Lenovo showcases newest IdeaTab

Lenovo has posted a video on YouTube showcasing its new IdeaTab S2109.

Report: Google delays tablet in bid to lower cost

The Internet has been abuzz lately with reports about Google's upcoming tablet.

Apple's iPanel is far more than a TV

An industry analyst believes Apple's long-awaited television will launch in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Galaxy Tab 2 UK launch delayed for Android 4.0 support

Samsung's newest Galaxy Tab tablets will be delayed in the UK, but for good reason.

Facebook app gets retina graphics for new iPad

If you have a new iPad and frequent Facebook, you'll probably want to download the new Facebook app because it's been updated specifically for you.

Report: LG to launch 55-inch OLED TV in time for Olympics

Back in 2007, Sony launched the world's first OLED TV, which was rather costly and ultimately pulled from the market due to poor sales.

Powerful iPad battery can withstand LTE for 24 hours

Here is one of the most impressive stats about the new iPad.