Check out this G.A.U.N.T.L.E.T. typing glove

Most of us probably had a similar experience when onscreen handset keyboards first hit the mainstream -  courtesy of Apple's iPhone.

Apple iPhone report sees thinner screen

Reports about the next-generation iPhone - dubbed the iPhone 5 by certain publications and analysts - have reached a crescendo pitch.

Nvidia Tegra 3 mini-ITX mainboard surfaces from Kontron

Times are definitely good for devs and modders looking for cheap Android-Linux hardware to turn into small little desktop computer or HTPCs.

Raspberry Pi hits the afterburners with Raspbian OS

The bare-bones Raspberry Pi main-board has been in short supply since launch day due to overwhelming demand for the uber-mini $35 Android computer.

Apple iPad Mini reports solidify

Breathless reports about new Apple devices never seem to go out of style. Rumors coalesce, reports accumulate and hype builds for Cupertino's next big move.

BMW rolls out ConnectedDrive 2012

Automakers around the world are making a concerted effort to add new and interesting infotainment systems to their respective vehicles.

Mini X runs Android apps and Linux on your TV

I think many fans of mobile gaming would agree that playing Android titles like Angry Birds on a large-screen TV instead of a tablet with a relatively small display is definitely a worthwhile experience.

The iPad 3 is China-bound next Friday

The latest version of Apple's iPad is due to launch in China on July 20.

How to install and run Android apps on Google's Nexus Q

If you're a fan of Android devices, you are probably somewhat familiar with the Nexus Q - which was unveiled by Mountain View at Google I/O 2012 just a few weeks ago.

This Android tablet measures 21.5-inches

Honestly, I'm not sure what to make of this gigantic 21.5-inch full HD resolution Android tablet designed by the Japanese-based Kouziro.

Fujitsu showcases Windows 8 hybrid tablet and convertible laptop

Fujitsu has debuted two Windows 8 ready machines that should appeal to those looking to snap up a next-gen portable tablet or notebook.

Report: Amazon prepping three new Kindle Fire tablets

Amazon has done quite well with its 7-inch, $200 Kindle Fire tablet, and is reportedly prepping at least three new Fire devices for launch later this fall.

Sony drops Onlive support on Google TV

Don't expect to see Onlive connectivity in any Sony-made Google TV device.

Video: Transporter Pi turns your TV into an Android display

E.S.R. Labs recently showcased the Android Transporter Pi, which allows you to use an HDTV as an external display for Android devices - without plugging an HDMI cable into a smartphone or tablet.

Report: $299 iPad mini to land in October

Rumors that Apple is planning to launch a smaller iPad tablet aptly dubbed the "iPad Mini" have been circulating for months, if not years.

Sony's newest Google TV device to have Onlive

Sony's electronics division seems to be willing to cozy up with a rival to its gaming division.

Raspberry Pi wants to sail across the Atlantic Ocean

The bare-bones Raspberry Pi mainboard is an interesting device that has won accolades from geeks and tech enthusiasts.

Gamestop already offering Nexus 7 pre-orders

Gamestop will add Google's newly announced tablet to its nascent roster of Android devices.

Vizio rolls out XVT Cinemawide 21:9 aspect ratio TV

Hollywood studios typically use a 2.35:1 aspect ratio for most major movies. What does that mean for you?

Video: Google debuts $300 Nexus Q media player

Google has debuted a $300 media player at I/O 2012 in San Francisco.