ZAP-A10 Android media player is powered by a 1 GHz Cortex A9 chip

Yesterday we took a look at the A10 Media PC, which pairs an ARM Cortex A8 processor with 1 GB of DDR3 RAM.

TiVo Stream plays DVR content on mobile devices

I can't imagine life without my DVR. I have a standard DVR from DirecTV in my living room, and often lust over TiVo DVRs like the new Premiere with four tuners that launched just a few weeks ago.

Archos unveils Android gaming tablet

Archos has introduced a new Android-powered tablet designed specifically for gamers.

Asus showcases Windows 8 Vivo Tablets at IFA 2012

Asus is showcasing two slick Windows 8 tablets at IFA 2012 in Berlin: the Vivo Tab (x86) and Vivo Tab (ARM) RT.

This A10 is an ARM-powered Media PC

New Android mini-PCs powered by the AllWinner A10 ARM A8 chipset are hitting the market on an almost daily basis.

LG touts Game World for CINEMA 3D Smart TVs

Although 3D TV isn't yet mainstream, those with television sets supporting the rapidly evolving format have loudly clamored for content in recent months.

Chinese OEM plans sub-$100 Google TV box

There is still hope for the future of Google TV.

Report: Expect iPad mini in October

It is not believed that Apple will reveal the iPad mini next month.

Apple-branded TV contingent upon content deals

Cupertino is unlikely to design and market a full-fledged Apple television  set - unless the company manages to clinch an unspecified number of content deals.

Instacube is the new Kickstarter darling

An Instagram-connected digital photo cube appears to be the next Ouya on Kickstarter.

Diamond's AMP1000 is a customizable Android-powered box

Android enthusiasts looking for a low-cost, set-top box capable of streaming full HD video are likely eyeing several popular devices currently on the market.

More details on Apple's new set-top box

Apple envisions an experience where TV is always on your time, is connected to social networks, and can migrate between different devices.

Out of nowhere, Sony debuts new Reader

In a world where even Amazon is turning focus away from black-and-white ereaders, Sony has decided to step back into the market.

Iconia Tab may be getting Jelly Bean

Acer's Iconia Tab may be one of the first tablets to get a Jelly Bean upgrade.

Nook prices get slashed

Barnes & Noble is cutting the prices of its Nook and Nook Tablet devices.

For Apple-branded TV, the price must be right

Apple needs to tread lightly if it wants to enter this new market.

Next-gen Sony Xperia tablet is hella slick

Rumors began circulating last month that Sony was prepping a slick new Android-powered tablet with a September launch date in mind.

$75 Z902 Mini Android PC is ready for pre-order

The $75 Z902 Mini Android PC is almost ready for the masses as it hits pre-order. You'd better jump on this one fast, as the price tag expected to jump to $89 once the device actually starts shipping.

Report: Steve Jobs wanted iPad mini

Steve Jobs would have been on board with the rumors we are all hearing about a new 7-inch iPad.

Android mini PC gets Uberoid ROM, Bluetooth peripheral support

I'm really quite a fan of all the cheap and uber-mini Android PCs flooding the market. While the little PCs may not be high-quality gaming systems, they do make for perfectly reasonable media streaming platforms.