Is Kindle Fire hype fair to other manufacturers?

How is it possible that an online retailer with only the most peripheral experience in product design and development is poised to make a bigger splash in a market than the titans of consumer electronics?

Don’t like 3D glasses? Well, get over it!

About 64% of the people in the US wear eyeglasses, over half of all women and approximately 42% of men. 

New power board cuts domestic energy use

An Australian father and son have developed a power board designed to cut domestic energy use.

Is the Google phone the death of Android, the iPhone, or the OEM?

Column The Nexus plexus

Leaving the iPhone behind

Opinion: I've never had a mobile phone as good as the iPhone. It's also the best MP3 player I've owned. Still, I wonder occasionally how long it will be before I toss it aside for a newer, more satisfying cellphone. After all, it's only the latest in a long line of handheld devices I've recycled since my Motorola flip phone in 1993.

Google's mobile ad services are laughable

Opinion: Not surprisingly, Google wants to own the mobile browser advertising market just as it dominates the desktop browser ad market.

End of O2 iPhone monopoly is good news for UK users

Analysis: Now that Apple’s flagship phone is to be sold by Vodafone and Orange as well as O2, what benefits will UK users see? Ernest Doku of price comparison site peers into his crystal ball...

What's at the heart of HP’s Laptops and Lenovo’s Best Student Tablet

Analyst Opinion This week begins the real wave of the PC refresh cycle for the non-Mac crowd and it will pick up to a major wave on October 22nd when Windows 7 launches.

iPhone suicide: is a phone worth dying for?

Opinion - Sun Danyong was 25 when he died after jumping from his 12th floor apartment in Shenzen, just outside Hong Kong.

Microsoft’s Zune HD: Not enough? Too late?

Opinion – Microsoft can’t be serious. It took the company two years to come up with a product that now looks can be serious rival to Apple’s iPod Touch. And even if it appears to be a solid product and the best Zune yet, it is the media player Microsoft should have had three years ago. It seems that the Zune HD is way too late to the party, again, and lacks features that may be able to tempt users to switch.

The last call for a Mac netbook

Sales of Mac desktops are free-falling, largely because of the way overdue iMac refresh, and Mac notebooks are not matching the growth seen by the overall notebook market. In an economy like this, consumers are turning to ultra-cheap netbooks that are currently keeping the industry alive. Nevertheless, Apple is ignoring the netbook market despite being hurt by its refusal to unveil a Mac netbook. Analysts and investors feel the time is right and are pressuring the company to bring a $599 Mac netbook to the market, arguing that Apple could profit around 40% on it without cannibalizing MacBook sales. If Apple ignores the call for a Mac netbook this year, the company might easily pay dearly for the mistake with further sales declines and market share erosion. EXTRA: SLIDESHOWS

Vudu's sleek and sexy set-top box: five years later

Set-top box maker Vudu released its first application for the iPhone and iPod touch last week. It lets you remotely browse, search, rent and purchase content from a catalogue of 13,000 movies and TV shows. The convenient software extension comes during tough times though. Like other players, Vudu is trying to pitch its box to consumers. And even if economy wasn't in a downturn, Vudu would still face an uphill battle because the market is already crowded and fragmented with no clear leader in sight. EXTRA: SLIDESHOW

Apple TV approaching critical mass with "Take 3" - next month?

After three free software updates, Apple TV remains a "hobby project" that fails to capture attention of the mainstream market. But Apple stands a chance of turning the tide with the content card. As revealed by Apple's executives, HD movie rentals via iTunes helped triple the gadget's unit sales this past year. Although the company still treats Apple TV as a side-project, the funding continues for long run benefits. Take 3, a software update that might arrive as early as next month, could bring more "TV" to the Apple TV in addition to the hardware refresh that could be in the works as well.

Where are the WOW! products?

 It's been a while now since we've had any WOW! products. In fact, it's arguable that even the most revolutionary product out recently, the iPhone with its amazingly advanced features (relative to other products), was not truly a WOW! product. It had the potential to become what it has since become, but early iPhones were not there yet - and there are still many facets of iPhone‘s imposed soft limits which keep big innovations from happening. And in the world of computers in general … where are our WOW! products? Where is the killer thing? The one that's so amazing it forces everybody to dump what they've got and switch immediately? We don't have any, and I don't think we'll be having many more of those - quite possibly ever - and I'll explain why.

Big News Around CES That Got Little Coverage

There were some interesting things that happened during CES that were game changers which didn't get a lot of coverage because so many of us were focused on things like the Palm Pre which attracted writers like flames attract moths.   This included the Slacker announcement on the iPhone, and the best blog editor on the planet which is free from Microsoft.   

UPDATED: 3D is coming, and it's stunning

 Anyone taking a step back and looking at the new gadgetry at this year's CES 2009 will be left with one undeniable reality: 3D is coming, and almost here. In fact, the technology is ready ... we just need the infrastructure and content.

A view of CES: Storm clouds give way due to a little Apple-sourced magic

Analyst Opinion - The 2009 CES was a scary show at the start because the economy and low turnout had many of us thinking it would be the last CES and the beginning of the collapse of the CE market. Doom and gloom surrounded the show initially, but were surprisingly dissipated by a company we had given up on entirely. This company used a little Apple magic to not only save themselves but put the excitement back into the show. Once the clouds lifted, there were actually a lot of cool products. 

Opinion: People still have pen pals and keep in touch via snail mail

 Yesterday, I received one of the most beautiful packages I’ve ever seen. It was sent from a pen pal in Maine. Yes, I said it pen pal. In all of my social networking I have come across individuals much like myself who have a strong desire to send snail mail.

Why there isn’t an $800 MacBook Air-like product

Analyst Opinion - As we watch the U.S. Auto industry struggle with the very real likelihood that it won’t exist by the end of next year, because those did not build the cars people wanted to buy, it is only conclusive to ask whether the U.S. technology is going down a similar path.  The U.S. Auto industry was blindsided as they ignored the trend towards more efficient cars, bled share to companies such as Toyota and was virtually killed when the economy collapsed. So, how is the situation with tech?

Waiting on a CherryPal? Don’t hold your breath.

Opinion - Since I have yet to hear from one individual who has received a CherryPal PC, but I am told by the company that the devices are actually shipping, I am scratching my head over whether this is vaporware or not. I’m starting to get quite suspicious. The company claims that it “will have caught up [with preorders] at latest by December 15” and is not taking any more preorders at this time.