iPad madness reaches obscene levels

What's the most important news story in the world today? The Haiti earthquake, the possibility of peace talks with the Taliban or Tony Blair facing questioning in the inquiry into the invasion of Iraq? Don't be silly. It's a new consumer gadget from Apple.

Will iPad become PornPad?

Apple’s long anticipated iPad has been a long time in coming, and as reviewers from the Technorati weigh in on whether or not to buy one, the porn industry is also sizing up the device’s pros and cons.

iPad: Will you Still Want one in 2 or 3 months?

What is fascinating about a Steve Jobs event is that it almost doesn’t seem to matter what he presents - the folks at the event walk out like they have turned into Apple buying zombies.

The iPad and its Creator: A matter of watch, learn, perfect

After years of speculation, the Great Steve Jobs has finally revealed the Apple tablet. But let's be honest - the idea of the iPad isn't new and Apple does not nearly deserve the innovation credit given by the media.

MSI takes on Apple's iPad with Tegra-based tablet

MSI is reportedly preparing to launch a $500, Tegra-based tablet during the second half of 2010.

Apple details iPad tablet specs

Saint Steven Jobs has finally come down from the mountain top bearing Apple's "magical and revolutionary" tablet device.

Everything everybody doesn't know about the Apple Tablet

Think you know everything about the engimatic Apple tablet? Well, think again, because there is a lot you probably don't. And there a lot of people guessing the answers. Here's our roundup of the latest and greatest Apple tablet speculation.

Magical Apple tablet can also play games

The magical Apple tablet created by Saint Steven Jobs and his dedicated team of silicon alchemists has apparently been shown to high-level executives at Electronic Arts. 

Toyota goes short circuit with robots for the aged

Robots, it would appear, are clunking their way back into fashion this year, and not just as sexual companions, but also as automated carers for the elderly – or so believes Japanese car maker, Toyota, who is ready to cash in on the whole robotic rabble.

iSlate is late

The most important product in the history of everything, ever, Apple's indescribably-exciting tablet computer, is unlikely to hit the shelves before June due to battery life and reliability issues.

Apple tablet poised to alter the course of Western civilization

Apple is poised to permanently alter the course of Western civilization with the unveiling of its "latest creation" on January 27 in San Francisco, California.

CxPi 2009: Apple (good), iTunes (bad), B&N (awesome)

The Customer Experience Index (CxPi) study for 2009 is down on iTunes, mobile phone carriers, and medical insurance.

LG outlines the future of 3D entertainment

LG representative Axel Voosen told TG Daily it will take engineers at least three years to design fully functional 3D-capable displays that do not require viewers to wear a special pair of glasses.

Plastic Logic joins the e-reader Que

Plastic Logic has introduced its long-awaited Que proReader at CES 2010.

Spring Design showcases dual-screen Android e-reader

Spring Design is showcasing a $400 dual-screen Android-based e-reader at CES 2010.

Nvidia launches tablet "revolution" with next-gen Tegra processor

Nvidia has introduced its second-generation Tegra processor for mobile devices.   

Samsung puts it all on display

Samsung's CES press conference Wednesday was certainly not a modest event by any stretch of the imagination, with the firm showing off everything from pencil thin 3D TVs, to eReaders, phones, cameras, displays, music players, notebooks, photo frames and printers.

LG talks screens and sexting

LG must have felt a little cheated at its CES Vegas press conference this morning, what with its main announcement – an alliance with Skype to bring phone calls to your living room – having been pipped to the post by a Panasonic announcement of the same deal yesterday.

Mirics streams live TV to MIDs

Mirics has launched a media center platform that allows Windows 7 users to stream live TV to their smartphones, PMPs or netbooks.

Logitech Lapdesk boosts notebook sound quality

Logitech has debuted an all-in-one laptop accessory with integrated stereo speakers, a built-in fan and a wide padded base.