TV Prices Plunging: 32” LCD for $300

This is the best time to buy electronic goods, if price is all you care about.

ReQuest CEO concerned about legality of DVD copying? "Nope, should I be?"

The studios and the organizations that represent them don't care much for products that rip DVDs.

Toshiba: 3D "Regza" TVs to arrive in June

Toshiba has announced a summer launch date for its "3D Regza" LCD TV lineup.

A fifth of British drivers use Facebook at the wheel

What to do if the government bans texting while driving? Fear not. In the UK, where there's already legislation against it, drivers have found a solution: update your Facebook page instead.

Smartbook shipments to reach 163 million by 2015

A senior analyst has predicted that global shipments of non-X86 powered smartbooks will reach 163 million in 2015.

OpenPeak showcases Moorestown-powered OpenTablet

OpenPeak is currently showcasing its Moorestown-powered OpenTablet 7 at the 2010 Mobile World Congress (MWC).

Mobile Operators unite over yet another united app platform

The bigwigs of the mobile world have come together in their infinite wisdom at Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona and decided to create an 'open international applications platform' to add to the plethora of platforms already out there, in the hope of creating a super huge and more or less unified platform for the mobile apps space.

'iPhone envy' fuels insurance fraud

We're sure none of you would ever do such a thing, obviously, but apparently naughty Brits are bashing their iPhones with hammers just get a free upgrade out of their insurer.

Sony promises 3D Blu-ray player by summer

Sony has announced its first 3D-ready Blu-ray disk player, along with upgrades to existing machines allowing them to play 3D movies too.

Shock! Apple over-inflates iPad price tag

The components powering Apple's overhyped iPad tablet reportedly cost Club Cupertino as little as $219.35.

Smartphone UI lives your life for you

As if predictive text wasn't bad enough, an Israeli company has launched a totally predictive interface for Android phones.

Apple makes gains in smartphone market

Apple now has more than a quarter of the US smartphone market, according to the latest figures from ComScore.

British Library releases thousands of free e-books

The British Library is promising 65,000 free e-books this spring, which means you no longer have any excuse for your ignorance of the classics.

Quantum tunneling: coming to a phone near you

Samsung has licensed a new pressure-sensitive touch-screen technology that relies on quantum physics.

Steve Jobs hawks Apple iPad in NYC

Saint Steven Jobs has been spotted in NYC hawking his overhyped iPad in the offices of the New York Times and Time Inc.

Amazon buys touch-screen manufacturer to beef up Kindle

In an effort to play catch-up with the Apple iPad, Amazon has reportedly acquired Touchco, a New York start-up specializing in touch-screen technology. According to the New York Times, the touch-screen technology developed by Touchco is substantially cheaper than the capacitative touch screens used for the iPad, at around $10 per square foot.

Apple iPad expected to jumpstart tablet market

The launch of Apple's long-awaited iPad is expected to jumpstart the nascent tablet market - with shipments of such devices reaching an annual total of 57 million by 2015.

Sony Ericsson launches first phone with new Windows Mobile

Sony Ericsson has released the first smartphone based on Windows Mobile 6.5.3.

Report: Apple halts production of 27-inch iMacs

Apple has apparently been forced to temporarily halt production of its 27-inch iMac model.

Jobs blames Adobe Flash for crashing Macs

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has allegedly blamed Adobe Flash for the majority of OS X crashes.