HD DVD outsells Blu-ray at lower revenues

HD DVD players posted a more successful launch than its Blu-ray rival, at least in terms of the number of players sold.

Logitech expands Wireless Music System line

Fremont (CA) - Logitech today announced a new addition to its Wireless Music System line. The Wireless DJ Music System uses Logitech's Music Anywhere wireless technology that includes a USB transmitter that connects to a PC and Receiver/Dock with stereo RCA and 3.5 mm headphone jack outputs. Formats supported include MP3, iTunes (AAC), WMA, Internet radio, and podcast ormats.

Google tests video distribution model with MTV, Microsoft's URGE partner

Google has reached a deal with MTV Networks - whose name has been cropping up quite a bit in the digital realm recently - that could end up enabling clips from MTV programming to be integrated into AdSense content that appears alongside user search pages.

Canon launches compact "full HD" camcorder

Lake Success (NY) - Following Sony's HDR-UX1 and HDR-SR1 mini-camcorders, Canon announced its first compact high-definition camcorder. The HV10 will be available beginning in September and carry a suggested retail price of $1300. If you have been delaying the purchase of a camcorder in the hope of high-definition home video capability becoming more affordable and available in compact form factor devices, then it's time to watch out for new products hitting retail shelves in the next few weeks and months.

Hybrid HD DVD / Blu-ray players appear unlikely after LG backs off

New York (NY) - Last week, a spokesperson for LG Electronics told This Week in Consumer Electronics magazine that the combination Blu-ray / HD DVD player it had announced in March, was not in the cards for the company's slate of fall releases. TWICE and others took this news as a clear signal that the hybrid player would not be produced at all.

Watch TV by the pool - company markets weather-resistant televisions

Lux Entertainment is marketing a pair of weather-resistant entertainment centers. The ARRIS-AR26SSMCE and the ARRIS-AR26SSA contain 26" flat-panel LCD screens in a stainless steel shell. Lux Entertainment claims the shell is "virtually indestructible" and can shield the electronics from rain and water splashes.

Apple must disclose iTunes DRM to competitors, but can charge for it

Is it really a victory for Apple's iTunes, or do clouds remain behind the silver lining? In a ruling last week, the French Constitutional Council overturned a provision of a law which would have compelled Apple and others to turn over their DRM schemes for free exploitation by licensees. On the other hand, the Council left certain provisions in place, which means Apple may not be able to do business in France after all.

Paris Hilton, plastic surgeons and Playboy Playmates on Itunes

E! Entertainment has signed a deal with Apple to bring several television shows with pretty women and plastic surgery to Itunes.

LG releases "Time Machine" television sets with built-in hard drives

Seoul (South Korea) - If you want Tivo-like functionality built into a television, LG has a couple sets just for you. The company has announced two new 37" and 42" HD LCD sets, with what it calls "Time Machine" capability. Each model has a 250 GB hard drive that starts recording when the set is turned on. Both television sets display 1920 by 1080 pixels, which LG says is twice the resolution of normal HD television sets. The TVs also have a 6000 to 1 color contrast ratio and a six millisecond response time.

Canon releases two HD camcorders

Canon has released two new high-definition camcorders capable of recording videos in 1440 by 1080 (interlaced) resolution. The Canon XH A1 and XH G1 models both have triple CCDs and can record at several frame rates including 60i, 30P and 24P. There is also a 20x HD zoom lens and dual XLR audio jacks taht come with both camcorders.

Slim Devices wants in on high-end networked audio

Slim Devices today introduced a networked audio system aimed squarely at the audiophile market.

Samsung announces two monitors with embedded Windows XP OS

Samsung has released two new monitors that can display pictures, movies and documents without an additional computer. The 46" Syncmaster 460pn and 40" Syncmaster 400pn LCD monitors integrate an embedded version of the Windows XP operating system that can show JPGs, Adobe PDFs and play video files.

Chrysler to install hard drive-based infotainment systems

Chrysler announced that it will offer hard drive infotainment systems into cars of its Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge brand by the end of this year. Initially, the "MyGig" system will be offered in the restyled Chrysler Sebring, the upcoming Dodge Nitro and the Jeep Wrangler, but other vehicles such as the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Commander as well as the Chrysler Town&Country minivan, the Chrysler Pacifica cross-over and the Chrysler Aspen, a rebadged Dodge Durango, will get the system as well.

Panasonic to offer $70,000 plasma TV for Christmas

Christmas is less than half a year away and some of us may already setting up their wish list for their parents and spouses. If you are looking for something different this year, ditch that Porsche and consider the world's largest plasma HDTV.

Sony BMG releases customized song without copy-protection

For the first time in legal music download history, there is a song from a major artists that actually sells without digital rights management (DRM).

Sony's new camcorders record high-def to mini-DVDs and hard drive

Sony has introduced two camcorders capable of recording 1080i resolution video to miniature DVDs. Both the HDR-UX1 and HDR-SR1 models will record 1920 by 1080 pixels and Dolby 5.1 surround sound using the new AVCHD codec (Advanced Video Codec High Definition). The UX1 model will record to 3" DVD discs, while the SR1 version will record to a built-in 30GB hard-drive.

Movielink to offer DVD burning - if Hollywood plays along

Novato (CA) - It's hard to justify more than $25 for a movie that you download and then is stuck on your hard drive. A new deal between Movielink and Sonic that allows users to burn a movie onto a DVD however may drive download services finally into the mainstream. But while the technology is already available, it is ultimately up to the movie studios to unlock the feature.

Toshiba delays HD DVD-based DV-R in Japan

Tokyo (Japan) - Reuters is reporting that Toshiba has delayed the introduction of its HD DVD-based high-definition video recorder, the RD-A1 - originally scheduled for tomorrow - to the Japanese market, by about two weeks. The reason, the company says, is to allow inventory to build up, since procurement has run at a slower rate than expected.

Warner Home Video announces four Blu-ray titles for 1 August

Today, Warner Home Video announced its initial roster of four movie releases for the Blu-ray format, for general availability on 1 August. By our count, Warner has announced or released 37 titles for the HD DVD format, which was the first the studio originally supported.

Will Sony PlayStation 3 dry up supply of blue laser diodes for Blu-ray?

The Chinese-language Commercial Times has reported, and DigiTimes has backed up, that Lite-On IT, which produces Blu-ray disc burners under the BenQ brand as well as its own, expressed concerns as to whether Sony, the principal supplier of blue-laser diodes for Blu-ray components, will be able to produce enough diodes to meet demand from it and other suppliers.