Windows Media, Zune DRM encryption gets cracked

Someone going by the forum name Divine Tao has cracked Microsoft's DRM blackbox components, opening up Windows Media Player and Zune restrictions.

Sony: Price reduction of PS3 in the U.S. only temporary

If you plan on purchasing a $500 PS3, get it while it is available.

Philips Bluetooth music system supports cellphone calls

Chicago (IL) – Philips has received FCC approval for a compact, portable music system that integrates Bluetooth wireless connectivity: The device not only allows you to use wireless earphones to listen to music, it also enables you to make phone calls right from the couch.  

E3 2007 VIDEO: Sony announces thinner, lighter PSP

Santa Monica (CA) – Folllowing the recent price drop of the Playstation Portable, Sony will be introducing an updated mobile game console, which is considerably more compact and comes with new features such as high-quality video output.

E3 2007 VIDEO: Nintendo transforms Wii into a workout center

Santa Monica (CA) – Nintendo’s ideas to reach new customers for its Wii game console have added another direction today: The company introduced the WiiFit software and the Wii Balance Board which effectively create a virtual workout center in front of your TV.   In pictures: Wii Fit (9 slides) ...  

Microsoft to release Halo 3 Edition Xbox 360

Santa Monica (CA) – Expectations are running high for the launch of Halo 3 in September – and Microsoft will be supporting the launch of the game, which the company believes has the same impact on entertainment as did Star Wars 30 years ago, with a special edition Xbox 360 console.      

Toshiba cuts price for entry-level HD DVD player to $299

Toshiba rings in another round in the battle between the Blu-ray and HD DVD high-definition forward and said that it will make the $299 promotional price tag for the HD-A2 HD DVD permanent.

Universal Music/Vivendi divorces from iTunes

Universal Music Group of Vivendi, the world’s largest music corporation, has announced that it will not renew its annual contract with Apple iTunes.

Buy a Blu-ray player, get five free movies

The Blu-ray Disc Association wants more people to buy players and are willing to throw in five free movies.

36% of U.S. to have HDTV next year: report

The latest prediction from the Consumer Electronics Association is that 16 million HDTVs will be sold this year, increasing the total number of sets to over 50 million.

PSP update brings PS3 connectivity, higher processor speed

Sony has released the v3.50 firmware upgrade for its portable game console, which increases the processor clock speed by 25%.

From ladders to TVs: Impressions from InfoComm

At a convention center in the middle of the Disneyland neighborhood, the world's largest professional audio/video trade show was held this week. Inside: Image gallery.

Blu-ray, HD DVD no shows at pro A/V event

Anaheim (CA) - Though Sony and Toshiba were both at InfoComm, the country's biggest trade show for professional audio/video equipment, neither of them had their hi-def players on the front lines.Sony was at InfoComm almost exclusively to show off its line of new professional-grade projectors.  The PlayStation 3, Sony's top-selling Blu-ray Disc player, was on hand to demo the projectors, but Sony had no signage or players actually on display.

Panasonic unveils new line of plasma HDTVs

Anaheim (CA) - Still resting on its laurels with the 103-inch display it debuted at last year's CES, Panasonic has introduced a new line of plasma HDTV sets. Announced at this week's professional A/V trade show InfoComm, Panasonic unveiled three new TVs with 1080p HD resolution. The TH-50PF9UK, TH-65PF9UK, and TH-103PF9UK join Panasonic's lineup of top-notch high definition TVs.

Apple developing in-car multimedia systems?

A German magazine is reporting that Apple is working on multimedia systems for cars: Mercedes-Benz is expected to be first to offer Apple branded entertainment centers in the 2009 time frame.

Toshiba to launch new HD DVD, hi-def DVR combo players

Later this month, Toshiba will launch two new HD DVD players that double as high definition digital video recorders.

Toshiba claims top hardware sales in HD format war

Toshiba announced today that hardware sales of HD DVD players have outpaced that of Blu-ray, without counting Playstation 3 consoles.

Apple not getting rich with Apple TV

There have been rumors about Apple TV not selling too well and now there is indication that the device also has a profit margin that is unusually low for Apple.

Sony adds to TV repertoire with nine new Bravias

Sony has introduced nine new high definition TVs under its elite Bravia LCD line.

Alienware debuts new high-end entertainment PC

Miami (FL) – Alienware has announced a new entertainment center PC that doesn’t look out of place under your TV. Called the Hangar18, Alienware’s new EPC integrates lots of processing power and storage capacity to take you into the high-definition age. Priced from $2000 for 720p capable units, the Hangar18 sports a stylish design that is reminiscent of typical high-end AV devices and comes with a 250 GB hard drive, an AMD Athlon X2 4200+ processor, 2 GB of memory, 802.11 b/g connectivity and a joystick-like remote.