SlingMedia gets FCC approval for new Slingbox

Chicago (IL) - SlingMedia has received the FCC nod for a redesigned Slingbox, according to documents published on the commission's website today.    

Panasonic says its 1080p plasma displays will last at least 42 years

How long long do you plan on keeping your next TV? Panasonic says that its 1080p plasma displays are good for a viewing time for about 42 years - that is, of course, if the rest has not fallen apart by 2049.

Toshiba releases third-gen HD DVD players

Wayne (NJ) – Toshiba today released three new HD DVD players with prices ranging from $300 to $500.    

Chrysler first to offer Sirius TV for its 2008 minivan family

Auburn Hills (MI) – Minivans may not be able to shed their soccer mom image, but there is apparently still lots of demand for the roomy family haulers. Freshly divorced from Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler has just launched its new 2008 Dodge Caravan and 2008 Chrysler Town&Country, with a boatload of new features, including the industry's first implementation of in-car Sirius TV.    

Oakley, Motorola prep second-generation Bluetooth sunglasses

Chicago (IL) – Fancy new eyewear from Oakley has popped up on the FCC website: The “O Rokr Pro” will be the second generation of Bluetooth sunglasses to result from the cooperation with Motorola and the first to be capable of music streaming.    

Harman Becker launches GPS system that warns speeders

Harman/Becker Automotive Systems has launched a new GPS device that will verbally warn drivers when they are in excess of the legal speed limit.

Pioneer to begin offering 1080p "super black" HDTV sets

Dedicated plasma TV backer Pioneer will launch its first pair of "full HD" TV sets witha built-in tuner, 1920 x 1080 resolution and its new deeper black technology this October.

UPDATE: Hitachi unveils first Blu-ray camcorders

Tokyo (Japan) – Hitachi today unveiled the first two Blu-ray-based camcorders – one “simple” version with an integrated Blu-ray drive and one hybrid model with a Blu-ray / hard drive combination.   In Pictures: Hitachi Z-BD7H Blu-ray camcorder ...  

New Timex watch doubles as iPod remote

Middlebury (CT) - Timex today announced a new sports watch that can wirelessly communicate with a nearby iPod, allowing remote control of the digital music player. The iControl watch, part of Timex's Ironman line, can be programmed to sync with the user's iPod.  The watch has specific iPod buttons, including play/pause, volume up/down, and skip forward/back.

Sony calls for recall of 416,000 cameras

Sony has announced a recall for as many as 416,000 digital cameras because a defect in the manufacturing could cause injuries.

Canon announces HD HDD camcorder

Lake Success (NY) – Canon will be offering a new camcorder that records video in 1080i and stores them on a 40 GB hard drive.

Sony announces HD video walkman

Chicago (IL) – There’s a new toy coming your way: Sony announced its first portable HD video player.    

Pioneer launches blackest plasma HDTV line

Pioneer this week began shipping its latest slate of plasma televisions, claiming they have the darkest black levels of any plasma set.

Samsung announces hybrid Blu-ray - HD DVD player

Ridgefield Park (NJ) – Samsung today officially introduced its third generation of high-definition playback devices, including a Blu-ray home theater system as well as the company’s first hybrid player that can play Blu-ray and HD DVD media.      

Denon blasts its way to Blu-ray market with high-end player

Super high-end audio/video manufacturer Denon has decided to enter the HD format war with the announcement of a new Blu-ray Disc player for later this year.

TiVo to launch new, cheaper HD DVR next month

Alviso (CA) - TiVo is planning to put out a new addition to its Series 3 brand of high definition DVRs with a model that's less than 50% cheaper than the current one. TiVo launched its Series 3 HD video recorder last September at a staggering price of around $800. With such a high price point and very little marketing of the device, sales have been significantly lower than the DVR maker anticipated.

Netflix cuts monthly fees

Netflix has dropped the monthly price on three of its DVD rental plans.

Disney explores dying format with new CD technology

Disney recently launched a new audio CD technology called CDVU+, hoping it can create a stay of execution for the flagging audio format.

Samsung announces Wi-Fi plasma TVs

Ridgefield Park (NJ) – Samsung has introduced two new plasma TVs that are equipped with draft-n (802.11n) connectivity to enable consumers to stream video content wirelessly to their TV.      

Samsung announces third-gen Blu-ray players

Seoul (Korea) – Samsung has announced their upcoming third-generation Blu-ray players that will be released in the fall.  The BD-P1400 and P2400 will have 1080p playback and will upscale DVDs to 1080p resolution (provided you use HDMI).