Cellphone theft costs an arm and a leg

Civil rights watchdog Amnesty International has called on the Somali Al-Shabab armed group not to carry out amputations on four men accused of stealing cellphones in Mogadishu.

Intel set to announce Nokia chip deal

Intel is about to announce a major deal to supply Nokia with chips for its range of phones.

World goes iPhone crazy, says Apple

Apple says it has sold over one million iPhone 3GS models in three days and that six million customers have downloaded the new iPhone 3.0 software since its release.

Apple offers $30 sweetener for iPhone glitch

Following serious problems in activating upgraded iPhones last week - which are still continuing according to reports over the weekend - Apple is offering a cash apology to compensate frustrated users.

Vibrating chair simulates snogging, popcorn

Japanese wire nikkei.net reports on a chair which is a puzzle wrapped in an impenetrable enigma.

iPhone upgrade could give you cash back

A new trade-in service for third generation iPhones could generate enough trade-in cash to cover an upgrade to the new 3G S iPhone with money left over.

Big Blue ploughs $100 million into mobile research

IBM plans to invest $100 million over the next five years in a new program to improve mobile services.

Nine out of 10 US adults annoyed by cellphones, says Intel

Ninety percent of US adults are frustrated by others' etiquette - or lack of it - when using laptops, netbooks and phones, says a Intel survey.

Digital cameras go wireless with the Eye-Fi Pro

Eye-Fi has debuted a wireless SDHC memory card for digital cameras that allows users to upload pictures directly to a PC or the Internet. Eye-Fi Pro also offers RAW image support as well as peer-to-peer connectivity for a direct connection between the camera and a computer.

Portable DivX Blu-ray players arrive

DivX and Panasonic have launched the world's first DivX certified portable Blu-ray Disc player.

Mac fans eye new iPhone as WWDC kicks off

A prominent blogger has claimed that Apple may release an upgraded iPhone with extended battery life, enhanced speed and improved video capabilities. According to John Gruber of Daring Fireball, the new device could be named iPhone 3GS.

Analog TV will be switched off on Friday

As many as three million households in the US are likely to find they won't be able to watch The Simpsons this Friday as analog TV services will be switched off.

Global teen survey shows Nokia's mobile lead falling

A survey of 112,000 teens in 30 markets around the world shows that Nokia is still the number one mobile phone brand, but its market share is falling.

Apple plans iPod nano with camera

Apple is rumored to be planning an iPod nano that includes a digital camera.

Samsung, Duracell join Wireless Power Consortium

The Wireless Power Consortium said that Samsung, Duracell, Hosiden and Leggett & Platt have joined the group.

Microsoft to battle iPod Touch with Zune HD

Microsoft has confirmed that it will release the Zune HD media player, a new member in the Zune family aimed squarely at Apple’s iPod Touch.

'Leave your iPhone in your pocket,' says Apple

Apple has started issuing fashion advice to its users. "Try wearing different clothes," it says. "Try clothes with natural fibers". It even recommends using hand lotion.

Samsung, Hynix, Silicon Image sign up to new DRAM standard

A consortium has formed to promote a memory specification for DRAM including two of the bigger DRAM firms, Hynix and Samsung along with LG Electronics and Silicon Image.

Sony wants you to move up from point and shoot cameras

Sony has launched three new digital SLR cameras aimed at first-time buyers looking to step up from point-and-shoot cameras.

Microsoft’s silly shot at the iPod: Desperate?

Opinion – I am all for exposing Apple and its expensive products and exaggerated marketing claims, some of which could be considered flat-out lies. There’s enough opportunity for rivals to effectively attack Apple, but would someone explain to me Microsoft’s thoughts and strategy. Someone must have a lot of fun sabotaging Microsoft’s anti-Apple ads. There is no other explanation for this latest ad, another Zune vs. iPod disaster.