Samsung's ultra high-definition (UHD) TV is $40,000

Samsung has officially confirmed pricing for its luxury 85-inch ultra high-definition (UHD) TV. The price tag? $40,000.

Sony touts personal content station for mobile media

Sony’s Personal Content Station (PCS) can best be described as a 1TB HDD with ports and wireless capabilities designed to backup and store content from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.  

Intel says it is building a set-top box

An Intel official has confirmed Santa Clara is building a set-top box that will offer a paid video service delivered over the Internet.

More fallout over alleged Xbox 720 used game block

Earlier this week, we reported that Microsoft's upcoming Xbox 720 (Next) console may block used games and and require a persistent Internet connection.

Nintendo remains skeptical over cloud gaming

Senior Nintendo executives remain (understandably) skeptical over the future of the cloud for console gaming.

Cupertino downplays redesigned Apple TV reports

Cupertino has downplayed reports that its upcoming Apple-branded set-top box will feature a revamped design paired with new hardware and UI.

Enigmatic Asus Qube makes first appearance

Rumors about the enigmatic Asus Qube have been swirling around for weeks now, with the device finally making its first appearance at CES 2013 in Las Vegas.

Vizio wants ultra HDTVs (4K) for the masses

Vizio is showcasing its latest HDTV lineup at CES in Las Vegas, including the M-Series Razor LED Smart TVs with an ultra-slim bezel and ultra-thin profile.

Archos debuts Android-powered Multi-Touch TV Connect

Archos has rolled out a device designed to transform standard HDTVs into Android-powered smart television sets.

$79 GameStick wants to take on the $99 Ouya

A company known as GameStick has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise cash for a new Android-powered gaming device.

Nintendo TVii goes live on December 20

Nintendo has confirmed that its delayed TVii feature for the recently launched Wii U console will be going live on December 20.

Paying a premium for Apple's HDTV

Apple is reportedly working on a full-fledged HDTV that is expected to redefine the conventional television market.

Apple wants to redefine television for a new age

Apple has redefined mobile computing over the years with its wildly popular iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air. So what's next for Cupertino?

Is enigmatic Qube the Nexus Q rebooted?

An enigmatic device dubbed "Qube with Google TV Dongle" was recently spotted making its merry way through the FCC's approval process.

$700 iriver audio player goes HD

iriver has debuted a $700 portable audio device capable of mastering quality sound (MQS) playback.

For Sony, it's all about 4K Ultra HD TV

Sony continues to expand its nascent 4K ecosystem, rolling out an Ultra HD Video Player (or hard-disc server) designed to connect to the company's 84-inch 4K LED TV (XBR-84X900).

Boxee TV is going mainstream

Boxee TV is slated to make its premiere appearance at Wal-Mart stores across the country tomorrow for $99. 

LG rolls out 23" touch-screen monitor for Windows 8

The hype surrounding Microsoft Windows 8 has been centered primarily around tablets and laptop hybrids.

LG wants an Open webOS-powered television

HP's Open webOS has certainly been making the rounds in recent weeks.

On the future of television

When I was a kid my father bought a fancy motorized TV antenna for our roof that could rotate by turning a dial on a box sitting on top of the TV set.