LG launches 84-inch "Ultra HD" TV

If you have $20,000 to blow, you can now get the most advanced consumer TV on the market.

Android Nextbook Premium boasts a 9.7-inch screen, $250 price tag

The Android tablet market is awash with a plethora of devices, with most boasting similar hardware and software specs.

Backing up and restoring your rooted Kindle Fire HD

Amazon's Kindle Fire HD tablet may still have a locked bootloader, but that hasn't stopped modders from rooting the popular device - even if full custom software installations are still blocked.

Dual-core UG007 PC-on-a-stick runs Jelly Bean

Looking for a new PC-on-a-stick that runs Google's Android OS and can stream your favorite video content?

LG's H160 Windows 8 tablet has a pop out keyboard

Portly Windows 8 tablet boasts a pop-up display.

Nexus 7 tablet modded to support wireless Xbox 360 controller

Simple modification allows gamers to pair a wireless Xbox 360 controller with Google's popular Nexus 7 tablet.

This Android smartphone prototype has an E Ink display

There are quite a number of digital readers currently on the market equipped with E Ink displays.

Sharp's Android Aquos Pad boasts an IGZO LCD display

Sharp has gone official with its latest Android tablet dubbed the Aquos SHT21 Pad, which is slated to hit streets in Japan by mid-December.

Acer's Iconia Tab A110 runs Jelly Bean with a $230 price tag

Acer's Android Iconia Tab A110 will hit the streets for a cool $230.

iPad Mini being called an "iPad cannibal"

It seems the main tech talking point ahead of Apple's iPad Mini launch is that the new device will cannibalize sales of the bigger and more expensive iPad.

Insignia Flex Android tablet gets detailed

Best Buy recently teased a new Android tablet via its Facebook page, showcasing a slick image along with a few basic hardware specs.

Report: $99 Google tablet on the way

Google is apparently working on a new tablet that would be even cheaper than its already-cost-effective Nexus 7 device.

iPad Mini will not be a one size fits all tablet

Leaked list of iPad Mini SKUs tips 24 incoming models.

Hands-on video shows off Archos Gamepad

Here's a much more in-depth look at Archos's unique Gamepad tablet.

A closer look at Microsoft's Surface RT tablet

We've been aware of the hardware specs for Microsoft's indigenously designed Surface RT tablet for a few months now, and as of yesterday, we also know how much the device costs.

Revamped Boxee TV packs cloud-based DVR action

It's been nearly two years to the day since we first discussed the Boxee set-top box that launched way back in 2010 after a lot of hype and fanfare.

Asus Padfone 2 gets official with full specs

Asus didn't do all that well with its original Padfone - a platform that attempted to combine a smartphone with a tablet sleeve.

Microsoft's Surface RT tablet isn't $199

Windows 8 enthusiasts have been hoping for months that Microsoft would be offering its Surface RT tablet at a low price point, which would allow the device to more effectively compete against the plethora of Android tablets on the market.

Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 getting Android 4.1.2

While millions of Android users are still waiting to be upgraded out of Android 2.3, Google is already updating a few of its already-fully-updated devices to a new version of Android.

Archos Android FamilyPad is supersized

Most tablet owners have probably played a game or watched a video that several friends or family members wanted to observe at the same time.