Samsung Galaxy Tab to get Ice Cream Sandwich in July

Samsung's slate of tablets are about to bet upgraded.

Buzz builds for Google's Nexus 7 tablet

Industry buzz is building for the upcoming Nexus 7, as rumors claim Mountain View's indigenously designed tablet will make an appeareance at Google's I/O conference at the end of June - and possibly hit virtual store shelves in July.

Sony's new Google TV device hits pre-orders for $199

Sony is looking to get back into the Google TV market.

Sharp offers world's first 90-inch LED TV

Sharp has set a new world record.

Microsoft tablet may be with Barnes & Noble

The rumored Microsoft-branded tablet expected to be revealed today has a surprising partner.

Rumor: Microsoft prepping Windows 8 tablet for Monday launch

Microsoft and Apple have one of the longest-running and fiercest rivalries in the modern technology industry.

Blu-ray players obsolete in 4 years: Roku

By 2016, owning a Blu-ray player will be irrelevant, says the head of a company whose future relevance is also up for debate.

The $2300 Lamborghini Android tablet

Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini - all are high-end vehicles commanding equally high prices.

Asus rep confirms Google tablet and Padfone Pad

Rumors have been swirling around for months now about Mountain View designing its very own Google-branded tablet.

Intel: Second core detrimental to Android performance

Intel is certainly no stranger to making wild claims for its own products and against the competition.

Leaving Android and RIM for Apple's iPhone

It's no secret that Apple's sleek iPhone is the most popular single smartphone on the market.

AMD fires up LiveBox Mini PC

There are plenty of small form factor computers on the market today, but if you can't mount the typical SFF computer on the back of your monitor, you still need space on your desk or in your entertainment center to place it.

Video claims to show new iPhone design

Another day, and yes, there is yet another report-rumor about Apple's next-gen iPhone 5.

MacBook Air wannabe runs Android 4.0

If you like the design and style of the MacBook Air, but just can't bring yourself to part with a thousand hard-earned dollars, you might want to check out this look-alike which recently tipped up at Computex.

Next-gen iPhone could boast 4-inch display, 16:9 aspect ratio

The various rumors, reports and speculation about Apple's next-gen iPhone seem like a never-ending story.

Video: Lenovo showcases Windows 8 ThinkPad tablet

I still prefer to work with a traditional PC, even though I do own an Apple iPad.

Asus Transformer AiO boots Windows 8 and Android

Of all the new gear being shown off at Computex 2012 in Taiwan today, I think the sweetest device we've seen so far is the Asus Transformer AiO.

Acer rolls out Iconia W700 and W510 Windows 8 tablets

Acer is showcasing two upcoming Windows 8 tablets at Computex 2012 in Taiwan: the Iconia W510 and W700.

MSI showcases Slider S20 Ultrabook hybrid at Computex 2012

Computex 2012 kicks off today in Taiwan, and MSI is showcasing a number of new tablets and notebooks, including the 11.6-inch Slider S20 Ultrabook.

Sharp showcases new IGZO LCD and OLED screens

The mobile device world is evolving rapidly, with displays offering higher resolutions, improved colors and optimized contrast.