HarperCollins talks tablets with Apple

Amazon ought to be getting a little anxious because it appears that Apple is talking to HarperCollins about a tablet device the Cupertino company is cooking up.

Facebook's Mafia Wars is sort of a compulsive disorder

I'm a recent convert to Facebook and was invited to join Mafia Wars - an online game - by one of my pals on the social networking site.

Porn industry embraces immersive 3D technology

CES wasn’t the only show brimming over with 3D announcements this past week, with the Adult Entertainment Expo also bursting out of the box to bring 3D content into people’s living rooms, albeit in a slightly different shade of blue than James Cameron’s Avatar.

Moore's Law unnatural, proclaims Intel CEO

It took Intel CEO Paul Otellini only about a minute to mention Moore’s Law in his CES keynote on Thursday, remarking that the ‘law’ was “not a law of nature, but a law that reflects human inventiveness.”

Gaga goes gaga for Polaroid

Lady Gaga left her fans - and hordes of opportunistic photographers - waiting today as the popular pop diva arrived at the Polaroid conference over an hour fashionably late.

Now TI is doing an e-reader too

Another firm is set to jump on the e-reader bandwagon - and this time it's giant semiconductor company Texas Instruments.

Sony says 3D is here to stay

Sony CEO Howard Stringer and Sony Electronics president Stan Glasgow kicked off the company's CES 2010 keynote address by extolling the virtues of everything 3D.