Doctor Who holiday episode trailer leads the way

Posted by CB Droege

With the Ponds gone, the Doctor will have been working alone for some time, and, in the upcoming holiday Doctor Who special, has found himself being scroogey in Victorian London. While his odd-ball friends try to pull him out of his sedentary existence - and back into an adventuring mood - with tales of alien invasions and terrible conspiracies, a real villain, Doctor Simeon, is plotting the take-down of the human race. On Christmas Day, the very snow on the ground will rise-up against mankind.

Enter Clara, the solution to the Doctors melancholy. The energetic young woman takes our protagonist by the hand and literaly leads him back into adventure - and maybe romance.

I'm not sure how I feel about the frequent use of potential romance with the companions that we've seen since the 2005 reboot. Perhaps I'm just miffed about being lied to about Clara. When it was first announced that there would be a new companion, we were told that this companion would come from someplace very different. Instead we've got another pretty young British Isles girl who has a bit of a crush on the Doctor. The only thing that's all that different about Clara is that she comes from a past era instead of the modern era, but she still seems to act like a modern girl, and I have little doubt that after the holiday episode is over she'll even be in modern clothes. Where is the breath of fresh companion we were promised?

At least we do get a fresh TARDIS interior, a stylistic escape from the overly-busy glass-and-holiday-lights look of the current control room. This episode will showcase the new look as another way to differentiate the feel of the post-ponds doctor.

The episode will also feature a couple of well-known guest stars. Richard E. Grant will be taking on villain duties, and Ian McKellen will be providing the voice for the Snowmen.

The second half of this series (season) of Doctor Who kicks off in the new year, but in between we get this holiday episode which is slated to air on December 25, 2012. A Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special will also arrive sometime in 2013, but the series will be on hiatus after that until Fall 2014, when series 8 is scheduled to be split across the new year, similar to this season.