The secrets of The Bourne Legacy Blu-ray

Posted by CB Droege

The home release of the film deepens the canon.

In the new film, we shift gears in the Bourne universe with another escaped super soldier, Aaron Cross, in the same story world. The first three Bourne movies, which starred Matt Damon in the title role, were all about Bourne's attempt to escape The Program, and the various times he was located and had to run once more. The films centered around the action, including fight, gunplay, and chase scenes among these supernatural soldiers.

The fourth film, however, is a bit more cerebral. Many of the themes are still the same. For example, the latest iteration of the franchise examines themes like destiny, the fallacy of dominion, and the danger of secrecy, and for the villains, it's very much a matter of reaping what dangers one sows. However, the latest film offers up a much stronger look behind the scenes, and interestingly, nearly demonizes Bourne.

The major strength of The Bourne Legacy? It takes the detailed story world that we saw depicted in the first three films, and enhances it considerably. Those films saw the world pushed into the background while the action and romance was accentuated.

Here, the world is the focus. This character is mired even deeper in conspiracy, and more of what's going on is revelatory of the greater tale, and the character of Aaron Cross is much more interesting than Jason Bourne ever was. Of course, it helps that Jeremy Renner is a much better actor.

The Blu-ray release builds on those strengths by helping to develop a unique universe. Everything from the deleted scenes to the interviews explores not only the making of the film, but also the development of this immersive story world.

Most interesting is a brief featurette called Re-Bourne, which analyzes the creative decisions that prompted the making a new film without Jason Bourne. Indeed, the featurette examines the connection more carefully than the actual movie, and illustrates just how much care was put into making sure it reflected what was happening in the final act of its predecessor.

Also noteworthy is Man vs. Wolf, the depiction of the wolf-fight sequence, and all the work, effects, and training that went into it. It's easy to forget just how difficult it is to get animals to do what we want them to do on screen. This film used real wolves, half-breed wolves (less skittish, but only sort of look like wolves), puppet wolves, animatronic wolves, and CGI wolves all together to create the complex scene.

I've already said the Bourne Legacy is a great film for everyone, with some fantastic world-building, believable romantic subplot, and real fantasy feel. Still, it is good to know that the Blu-ray not only delivers in high-fidelity, but also enhances the experience significantly.

The Bourne Legacy Blu-ray combo pack is available now from Universal Studios.