Foxx, DeHann confirmed for The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Posted by CB Droege

Casting moves forward on the highly anticipated sequel.

There were rumors for at least a few weeks that Jaime Foxx was up for the role of the villain in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and now it's been confirmed. The Django Unchained star will be playing Electro, a supervillain with control over electricity.

"Electro is a great character." Foxx said in an official statement. "I met with the director, Marc Webb, I met with [the star of the current Spider-Man films] Andrew Garfield, and we talked. I think Electro will be an exciting character to play because he's a genius electrician-type person, and he gets the short end of the stick from the whole world, and the next thing you know he turns it on."

A bit less foreseen is the casting of Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn. The studio changed their minds a couple times about what kind of Osborn they wanted in the film, and as of just a few days ago, several actors were still in the running.

Harry Osborn, played by James Franco in the previous franchise, is the best friend of Peter Parker who becomes the enemy of Spider-Man. When the character was not introduced at all in this year's The Amazing Spider-Man, many assumed that he was simply being left out of this version of the story.

How they'll pull off a best friend who wasn't around for the events of the first film, I'm not sure, but DeHaan certainly has the experience needed to play the regular guy who goes dark and edgy and villainous over time. He had that same role down pat in the indie super hero flick Chronicle.

"Dane is an exciting and extraordinary young actor and he is a fantastic addition to our cast," Webb tweeted after the announcement.

We don't have a synopsis of the new film yet - the script isn't even finalized - so we're not sure how the character will be used this time. Since the first film spent so much energy showing how different it was from the previous trilogy, we can probably at least expect that it won't be that same arc.

The sequel will bring back Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield in the roles of Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker, and it's been previously announced that Shailene Woodley will play Mary Jane Watson.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is slated to hit theaters on May 2, 2014.