Wonder Woman marches forward on the CW

Posted by David Konow

It’s funny how pop culture serendipity works.

We recently discussed the recent Wonder Woman pilot that never made it to the air, and now it seems that the new Wonder Woman series in development at CW seems like it is making some big progress, especially in casting the lead role. 

It’s been a weird conundrum in the superhero world that a new Wonder Woman can’t get made. Superheroes have never been hotter, and Wonder Woman is the perfect candidate for a reboot. But the most recent pilot, created by David E Kelley for NBC, never aired, and Adrianne Palicki, who played Wonder Woman in the show, said she was "devastated" when it all fell apart.
So as Collider tells us, the new version that’s currently in development at CW is tentatively dubbed Amazon, and it’s an origin story like Smallville. Because of the success of Arrow, Amazon may now indeed be on the fast track at the network, because a casting director has apparently been hired to find the right Wonder Woman. 

As Deadline notes: "To all actresses in their early to mid-20s who are 5’8’’ or taller – you may be the next Wonder Woman," and this should be a big casting call to find the right girl. In this case, the network is still working on the pilot script while starting the casting search, and as Deadline continues, "It is not unusual for studios to do preliminary casting work on high-profile projects before a green light, especially those whose success hinges on casting the lead." 
Collider points out that the story breakdown of Amazon is actually somewhat similar to Tarzan, where Wonder Woman learns to survive in a savage environment, and looks at civilization as a whole other alien world. Whether we’ll see Wonder Woman making her way through the jungle and into society on CW in the near future or not still remains to be seen. So stay tuned…