X-Men reunited

Posted by David Konow

We recently confirmed that Bryan Singer, who directed the first two X-Men films, will be back for the next movie in the franchise, X-Men Days of Future Past.

This is definitely great news for X-Men fans like myself, who felt the series was never better with Singer at the helm. Now the news has hit that there will be more X alumni coming back for the next installment, namely Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. 

Days of Future Past is a well known installment in the X-Men series that has to do with time travel, and perhaps the plot will go back and forth to when Professor Xavier was still around, and when Magneto is older. Nothing is official right now, but considering the story deals with time travel, it’s not too big of a leap to take. 
As the Hollywood Reporter tells us, Singer tweeted the good news that “@ianmckellen118 & @SirPatStew are joining the cast of #XMEN #DaysOfFuturePast #magneto #professorX.” There’s also been speculation that the Sentinels will be in this version of X-Men as well. The Sentinels are gigantic robots that watch over the country in the future, where most of the X-Men mutants have been hunted down and killed. It’s up to the X-Men to stop this future from happening, which feels somewhat like aTerminator-esque scenario.
Also back for Days of Future Past will be the cast of X-Men First Class, namely James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, who’s currently filming the Catching Fire chapter of The Hunger Games, Michael Fassbender, and Nicholas Hoult. As this story was being finalized, the news also broke on the Hollywood Reporter that Hugh Jackman is currently "in talks" to come back for Days of Future Past as well.
As a big fan of time travel stories, putting the X-Men back and forth in the past and the future is a fascinating idea, and it’s great that Singer, Stewart and McKellen are all going to be back for it. It should go a long ways to bringing the X-Men series full circle, and set the frachise up for greater episodes in the future.