Restoring the Back to the Future DeLorean

Posted by David Konow

There’s still plenty of mad love out there for the 80's classic Back to the Future, and why not? It still holds up after all these years, and it’s one of the most beloved of the early Amblin films, along with Goonies.

As we’ve previously discussed on TG, Mattel is working on a limited edition Back to the Future hoverboard for the holidays, and now as GiantFreakinRobot tells us, efforts are underway to restore the famous Doc Brown DeLorean, which I still think is one of the funniest sight gags in cinema history.
Bob Gale, who wrote Back to the Future with Robert Zemeckis, is spearheading both the hoverboard and DeLorean restoration campaigns. As Robot notes, the DeLorean from the film has not been kept up over the years, so Gale and his crack Time Machine Restoration Team have been taking it apart, cleaning it up, and putting it back together. 
Considering the DeLorean isn’t exactly a hot car today, even on the vintage circuit, it wasn’t easy to find parts for it, but for the love of Back to the Future, the team certainly put in the considerable work and effort. What’s especially important is once the car’s all fixed up, it should be able to hit 88 miles an hour.
There’s a Facebook page set up where you can track the progress of the DeLorean restoration, and at this writing it has over 17,000 likes.

As Gale said in a YouTube video, "I’m thrilled that after 25 years so many people are still so passionate about Back to the Future. This restoration would not be possible without your continued love and support." We also hope that when the restoration is finally complete in December we’re really going to see some serious sh*t.