Grand Theft Auto V: Choose your own thug adventure

Posted by David Konow

Halo 4 may be the biggest game in the universe right now, and Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is also huge, but without a doubt the next edition of Grand Theft Auto will also be a major gaming event when it hits next spring.

There’s a lot of reasons to be excited for the next installment of GTA, and one of the big reasons is you can choose between three different characters.

In GTA V, there’s three bad guys in the game, Franklin, Michael, and Trevor, and you can choose which criminal you want to be. As Dan Houser, who is the head writer for Rockstar Games, told the New York Times, "Just at the conceptual level, the idea was three separate stories that you play in one game. The next bit was, let’s not have the stories intersect once or twice but have them completely interwoven. It felt like it was going to be a real narrative strength: you get to play the protagonist and the antagonist in the same story."
This is why gaming and movies are still having trouble crossing over. You can spend many more hours getting in deep with a game, controlling the action yourself, but now with the new GTA, you also can drive the story from several different viewpoints. Of course there are many other reasons gamers are excited about the next GTA installment, and Cinema Blend listed five of them, namely better missions, an ambitious storyline, the sheer size of the game, there’s "no simulation bullsh*t," and "it’s just more fun." 
Blend also mentions the three different characters driving the story, and "each have distinct personalities and stories. The execution of this idea is the really fascinating part….GTA V lets you swap characters at will. You can even do this during missions."
And indeed, as Blend points out, the landscape for the game is huge. GTA V will take place in the fictional city of Los Santos, and as Peter Haas writes, "GTA V’s world will have both size and detail. Rockstar says that the game world will be bigger than Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas and GTA IV’s worlds combined."
The first week of Halo 4, with a projected $300 million in sales, was a huge boon to the gaming industry, and it looks like things will keep going strong into the spring when GTA V is ready for release. Gamers are clearly already very excited for GTA’s launch, and while controversy and big sales are to be expected, it also looks like the latest installment of the wildly popular franchise will break new ground as well.