Getting ready for Grand Theft Auto V

Posted by David Konow

There’s no doubt that the current big daddy of gaming is Halo 4, which just had a debut worthy of a blockbuster movie on November 6.

Of course, there is also Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and Assassin’s Creed 3, but what about the game that beats them all in terms of brutal street brute force? Yes, we’re talking about Grand Theft Auto, and the next game in the GTA series, Grand Theft Auto V will hit the streets in Spring 2013.

Even if you don’t follow games closely, you’ve probably seen images from GTA popping up all over the place.

If you’re not exactly gaming inclined, you probably ask yourself, "Isn’t that the one where you’re picking up hookers and stabbing cops?"

Researching this story also reminded me of a few other GTA tidbits, for example, how one of the games in the wildly popular franchise came under fire from Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman. The  title also also got pulled from the stores by order of the Federal Trade Commission because it allegedly had some sexy hidden stuff in it.

There was also a tell-all book just released about Grand Theft Auto, Jacked, written by David Kushner, who also penned Masters of Doom. As the jacket copy for Jacked reminds us, GTA is “one of the biggest and most controversial videogame franchises of all time…GTA has pioneered the use of everything from 3D graphics to the voices of top Hollywood actors and repeatedly transformed the world of gaming.” But with all this, there has of course also been a lot of controversy, not just over the game’s sex and violence content, but also about the owners of Rockstar Games, who have remained mysterious enigmas. 
Grand Theft Auto V is the first new game in the series in five years, and Dan Houser, who is the head writer for Rockstar, told the New York Times, “We have a vision for what we think interactive entertainment can become, and each time we get closer to realizing those ambitions. It’s the stuff we’re trying to realize with this game…We’ve made something that sort of is Los Angeles and sort of isn’t.” 
In fact, the city in GTA is Los Santos, a dystopian urban land closely based on L.A. "The longest part of the process of making these games is making the world," Houser continued. "We start with the place, and then the characters come out from the place." 
And as far as one controversial point of the game, how women are depicted, Houser told the Times the critics will argue "that in a game about gangsters and thugs and street life, there are prostitutes and strippers – that that is inappropriate? I don’t think we revel in the mistreatment of women at all. I just think in the world we’re representing, in Grand Theft Auto, that it’s appropriate."