Terminator 5 inches forward

Posted by CB Droege

The new Terminator sequel hasn't exactly been moving full speed ahead, but a mysterious tweet may herald a return to the drawing board.

The last time we heard anything concrete about Terminator 5 was back in June, when Arnold Schwarzenegger, seemingly to make up for screen time lost as governor, started accepting more roles than any human actor could possibly have time for, and announcing his desire to run with even more than that.

He most recently finished Expendables 2, which is still in theaters, and is currently filming for a science fiction thriller called Unknown Soldier. After that, he’s slated to move directly into production on the police thriller, Ten.

When that’s finished he’s planning to take a role in the next Terminator film, whatever form that takes. He’s also announced plans to remake and/or sequel Twins and Commando, though no contracts have yet been signed.

A couple of weeks ago, however, we got wind of a rumor that perhaps Terminator 5 is on thin ice with the actor.

According to Moviehole, the aging action star was perusing scripts for the new Terminator film and didn’t like any of them. Unsurprisingly, Schwarzenegger apparently has script approval rights for the film – meaning he retains the option to back-out if he doesn’t like the final script, which is making Justin Lin, the director signed on for the project, weary to move forward, on the chance he’ll lose Schwarzenegger.

And we all saw how well Terminator: Salvation did without him - though that wasn't its only issue. Of course, Lin is busy making the sixth Fast and Furious film right now, so there would be no movement right away, anyhow.

With the director and most important – if not the lead – actor both on the fence and currently on other projects, it seemed like T5 was destined for development hell.

Now, however, we’ve gotten a tweet from the Annapurna Pictures, the production company which currently holds the film rights to the Terminator franchise and official twitter account.

“The whole thing goes: The future's not set. There's no fate but what we make for ourselves." -John Connor , Terminator 2 (news is coming)

That was Tuesday night and since then the studio has posted nothing about Terminator, but it seems as if it might have something to say soon. This indicates that some development or progress must have been made, as it would be quite odd to post something like that if tthe project was indefinitely postponed or cancelled.

The only details about the upcoming film that have been announced in the past is that it will not be a reboot or reimagining of the Terminator story and won't be ignoring the most recent entry into the franchise – something I don’t think most fans would have minded. It will pick up from the conclusion of Terminator: Salvation, and they plan to at least go through Terminator 6, thus completing a second trilogy of films.

For now, we should continue to assume that Terminator 5 is in a shaky development period, and that even if it does make some progress, the studio likely won’t be able to start on it for a few years.