NBC’s Grimm gets a comic book adaptation

Posted by CB Droege

Dynamite and NBC have kicked off a collaborative effort to adapt the fantasy detective story into comics and graphic novels.

Grimm is a gory, gritty interpretation of the old tales (in other words, a more authentic interpretation). In the world of Grimm, fairytale monsters are real and live among us. They are people with a monstrous nature, and only the Grimms can see them for who they are, and then only at the right moments.

The protagonist is a Portland detective who discovers that he is a Grimm, when his aunt becomes ill and the power begins to pass to him. Each episode involves a crime which our detective must resolve through his growing understanding of the secret world of these monsters which only he can see.

Not all the monsters are evil though, and this makes the show quite interesting. The detective has to study the motivations of each of the monsters carefully, and he learns that though they are all secretive, and usually powerful, each has its own motivations. As such, hunting monsters is not as black and white as when depicted in the ancient stories of his ancestors.  Several of the creatures even grow to become important allies as he navigates their strange world.

NBC has licensed Dynamite to produce "comics and graphic novels," and Dynamite has not clarified what exactly that means, so we may see an ongoing book, or perhaps just a graphic novel or two. They might not even be sure yet themselves, as no writers or artists have yet been signed on. Equally unclear is when and where the new stories will take place. We know they’ll be in-canon for the show, but if they’ll be between the episodes, or adaptations of the episodes, or prequels for the series, we just don’t know yet.

Personally, I would love to see some adventures of past Grimms throughout the ages. Perhaps not as far back as the original Grimm’s fairytales, but perhaps what the conflict was like in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s. It would also be interesting to see the Grimm equivalents in other cultures.

Do the Japanese have the same monster hunters? Do the Russians? Do they follow the same rules? Hunt the same monsters? The show hasn’t explored anything like that so far, and an ongoing comics book would be an excellent place to showcase some of that extended mythology.

"The opportunity to delve even deeper into the Grimm universe is an exciting prospect.  One we hope fans of the show and comic books in general will equally enjoy," David Greenwalt and Jim Kou, the  exec producers of the television show, explained. "The medium will allow the story to go places we never could within the constraints of a television production. It's pretty cool."

Grimm comics and graphic novels are expected to be available in 2013. The television serial airs on NBC Friday evenings.