Massive Potter box gets detailed

Posted by CB Droege

Warner Bros. has posted a video detailing its upcoming Harry Potter Wizard's Collection DVD/Blu-ray collector's box.

The ultimate set of discs for the franchise can be found in the Wizard's Collection, which is particularly notable due to its $500 price tag, and, well, its sheer coolness.

Massive Potter box gets detailedClearly, quite a lot of effort has gone into making this a really neat set. First the discs themselves - there are 31 of them. 18 are the 8 films, each in DVD and Blu-ray format, and the final two films in 3D. The other 13 are various special features discs from the films, which includes all trailers, featurettes, and behind-the-scenes clips, plus 5 hours of unreleased material.

Meanwhile, we can be very impressed by the box. I’ve certainly seen a lot of attempts at a DVD box in my time, but this might be the coolest I’ve ever come across. The cubic case of discs opens out into a jewelry-box style chest of drawers with the Harry Potter logo in the lid. Inside are a whole bunch of little things like books of art, cards with storyboards, a parchment map of Hogwarts, some costume jewelry, 'secret' compartments, etc.

This video gives a good look at the features with some explanations from a few of the lesser known Harry Potter actors as if they are seeing it for the first time. I have to admit, I didn't have the scale right in my mind. I was imagining that the top of the box would have been about the size of an old CD jewel case, but next to these actors, it looks a bit bigger. 

The Harry Potter Wizard's Collection DVD/Blu-ray box set will hit shelves on September 7, 2012. It can be preordered, at a steep discount, from Amazon.