Mortal Kombat reboot gets detailed

Posted by CB Droege

The new Warner Brothers adaptation of the classic franchise will be somewhat different from what we’ve already seen.

When Warner Bros. brought on Mortal Kombat: Legacy creator Kevin Tancharoen to direct the new Mortal Kombat film (which essentially reboots the franchise), it seemed safe to assume the plot, and general depiction of the Mortal Kombat universe, would reflect the web-series.

According to the (alleged) plot details detailed by Bloody Disgusting, however, the new film will be taking a completely different approach.

First, we’ll be getting a new point of view character, "a lowly unlucky supermarket employee who discovers he has out of this world powers." Likely, then, we’ll be seeing the story explained to us through this character, rather than underdeveloped drop-in we had in the original film. This clerk will undoubtedly turn out to be one of the human identities we already know, like Jax or Sonja, but they’re not starting out with knowledge of the tournament  or any fighting skills.

Second, the site claims that the character will be forced to make a difficult choice between good and evil, and that his mysterious powers are somehow tied in with that decision. This is surely a larger departure, as the Mortal Kombat tale we are familiar with has each planet in the circuit sending representatives to fight for the survival of the entire world. In that story there are no decisions to make - good or evil, the protagonists are fighting for the survival of Earth.

Hopefully Tancharoen doesn’t take the oportunity to change too much about the story. I think he could get a lot of fans to turn against the film very quickly if he, for example, completely changes the roster of fighters or something to that effect.

Note that these details should be treated as rumor, as this was not an official announcement, and BD does not disclose its source. Of course, even if the above mentioned synopsis is accurate, film plot details can change any time.

No production or release dates have yet been announced for Mortal Kombat.