Pathfinder comic gets detailed

Posted by CB Droege

Paizo Publishing and Dynamite Entertainment have detailed their collaborative efforts to adapt the Pathfinder tabletop role-playing game into a comicbook line.

Previously, we were only told that the comic was arriving sometime this year. Fortunately, we now have an official synopsis:

"In issue #1, Valeros can rely on only his sword arm and his friends, the mysterious and beautiful sorcerer Seoni and silver tongued quick-witted elven rogue Merisiel, but nothing can prepare him for the dangers that lurk ahead. The scattered and chaotic goblin tribes of Varisia are changing, growing in power and unifying in ways no one has ever seen before. At the heart of this strange evolution is an ancient evil looking to establish itself anew."

The issue will total 40 pages and cost $3.99. Included will be profiles and in-game stats for each character. Readers buying the print version will also recieve a pull-out poster with a Pathfinder tactical map on one side.

"Pathfinder has blazed new trails in gaming and fiction, winning over thousands of fans all over the world," said comics writer Jim Zubkavich. "I'm absolutely thrilled to add to its mythology and flesh out the iconic characters at the heart of the Galorion world. Sword and sorcery adventure pumps through my veins and I can't wait for readers to experience what Dynamite and I have planned."

Paizo Publisher Erik Mona expressed similar sentiments. 

"I am thrilled with the work [Zubkavich] and Andrew Huerta have put into the Pathfinder comic book... Jim and I go way back to my time as Editor-in-Chief of Dragon Magazine, and his experience with fantasy and gaming make him the perfect writer for the series. Andrew's pencils are absolutely amazing, and bring an exciting and fresh new look to the characters, monsters, and lands of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game."

Often referred to as "Dungeons & Dragons 3.75", Paizo’s Pathfinder is a modded version of the popular Dungeons & Dragons game system, published by Wizards of the Coast. Pathfinder was made possible by WotC’s decision to publish D&D 3.0 and 3.5 in an open license system.

Many credit the development of Pathfinder, and its unexpected subsequent success for WotC’s decision to publish their newest version, 4.0, without the open license. If that’s the case, however, the damage has already been done.

Pathfinder’s sales are neck and neck with Dungeons & Dragons, with many long-time fans of the classic game choosing it over WotC’s latest offering, citing a core flexibility and simplicity of simulation that simply doesn’t exist in the older, rules-heavy format.

Pathfinder #1 hits physical and digital shelves in August 2012.