How Doctor Who loses The Ponds

Posted by CB Droege

The current companions of The Doctor are slated to leave several episodes into the new season of Doctor Who this fall.

The official information we have so far is that the final episode for the Ponds will be episode 5. After that, they will be gone from the show, and the doctor will experience two adventures alone before he meets his new companion in episode 8, which will also be the holiday special.

The new companion will be played by Jenna Louise Coleman, but we’ve got hints the she’ll be unusual in some way.

Showrunner Steven Moffatt has said that the episode in which the Ponds leave, they will be fighting the Weeping Angels, an alien race which is only dangerous when you blink, and that "Not everyone gets out alive and I mean it this time."

In addition, we have some photos snapped on set which tell us two things. First, the episode will be taking place in New York City in the 1950’s, perhaps with some organized crime characters. Second, there will perhaps be some kind of drama in the Ponds’ relationship, as Arthur Darvil, who plays Rory on the show, was seen carrying around some prop documents which looked like divorce papers.

Now, we’ve got a tidbit from a casting call in New York, which is looking for a shot double for Alex Kingston, who plays the time-traveling daughter of Amy and Rory, Melody Pond/River Song. This could mean Kingston herself will be in the episode, though it could also indicate the character will be seen briefly, but not enough to warrant having Kingston in New York. Either way, it means the character is likely to play some role in the final romp with the Ponds.

Personally, I think they should have left off the story of the Ponds as it was at the end of the last season. When that episode was over, I felt like the story had come to a satisfactory close, and I’m not sure what point it serves to put them in a few more episodes, but I guess Moffatt wants them to have a more dramatic exit. 

All signs are pointing to this episode being a major turning point for this Doctor. Perhaps the second half of the season will see a slightly more subdued Doctor with the fate of the Ponds weighing heavily upon him.

The new season of Doctor Who begins this fall. Due to BBC budgeting considerations, the season will be split across the new year.