Sweden recognizes file sharing as official religion

Posted by Emma Woollacott

They're tolerant folk in Sweden - and if you want proof, here comes the news that file sharing is now an official religion there.

The Church of Kopimism - read 'copy-me-ism' - has been around for over a year now, founded by philosopy student Isak Gerson. It holds CTRL+C and CTRL+V as sacred symbols, and has around 3,000 members.

"Copy and paste what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law," it says - in itself, possibly, grounds for a copyright lawsuit.

The group maintains that information is free, and that its spread should never be restricted - which sounds at least as reasonable as the tenets of many older religions.

"For the Church of Kopimism, information is holy and copying is a sacrament," the church explains.

"Information holds a value, in itself and in what it contains, and the value multiplies through copying. Therefore, copying is central for the organisation and its members."

You might think that becoming officially recognized as a religion would give the Church freedom to practise its faith unfettered under human rights legislation - but, unfortunately, that's not really the case. Illegal copying remains forbidden, however devoutly it might be performed.

However, says Gerson, the official recognition bodes well for the future.

"Being recognized by the state of Sweden is a large step for all of kopimi," he says. "Hopefully, this is one step towards the day when we can live out our faith without fear of persecution."

You can sign up for salvation, here.