Ridley Scott talks Alien & Prometheus

Posted by CB Droege

Ridley Scott, veteran director of the upcoming sci-fi thriller Prometheus, previously confirmed the film’s third act will contain "DNA" strands of the first Alien film. Now we finally have some details.

During a recent interview with Filmophilia, Scott revealed what specific element will create the bridge between the two films and show how they exist in the same universe.

Alien However, the director once again emphasized the stories are not connected in any way.

Meaning, Prometheus is not a prequel to Alien, and does not explain or connect with the plot of Alien. It’s only an element of the universe which the characters discover - essentially taking place within the same canon.

That element is the Pilot. In Alien, the adventurers are lured to the surface of LV-426 by what they think is a distress call. What they find is a derelict ship with a single corpse at the helm. The pachidermic creature has a hole busted through its chest, foreshadowing the violent nature of the parasitic aliens.

Without a proper name for the creature, fans adopted the name the crew had used for it during production, ‘Space Jockey’. It was only later, in canon books and video games, that we learn the race is called ‘Pilot’ - or ‘Mala’kak’ in their own language. None of them appeared in any other films from the series.

This is all we’ve got, however. Scott opted not to reveal the actual plot point the Pilot(s) might be involved in, just that it would be near the end of the film, and that it won’t be the same Pilot from the Alien film.

We do have some video, however, in the form of a teaser for the upcoming full-length trailer, which will be released on Thursday.

This is essentially Apple’s advert to let everyone know the trailer will be delivered first in their iTunes store. Check back here Thursday afternoon, and we’ll have it as well.

Prometheus hits theaters June 8, 2012.