Brad Bird discusses future of The Incredibles

Posted by CB Droege

Brad Bird was recently interviewed about Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol - but ended up talking about The Incredibles, a CGI, family, super hero parody film from Pixar that hit theaters back in 2004.

Bird told MTV that he’s been working on the franchise in his head for years, and has a lot of ideas, most of which he concocted before making the first film.

Obviously, some had to be put off due to time constraints, as the film needed to explain a lot of backstory while establishing the characters, leaving little room for other devices. Future films wouldn’t have such constraints.

"I haven't got it all figured out yet," he said. "I have got a lot of ideas that I originally intended to be in the first movie, and you have to start throwing things out of the balloon at a certain point to get it up in the air, but a lot of the things you throw out are really cool, and would be good in a movie, so some of those things were intended for Incredibles, and there just wasn’t the space to get them in there. I love those characters and if I could make [a film] that was to Incredibles what the Toy Story sequels were to Toy Story, I'd do it.”

Bird goes on to explain that a part of the reason a new Incredibles film has not yet been made is that the number of super hero films currently coming out is so high, that it discourages more. "What the world [really] needs now is another superhero sequel," he says with sarcasm.

Despite the current glut of current super hero films, I believe The Incredibles is a unique project that a lot of fans would love to see more of, especially since it’s a sort of parody of the super hero genre. There is a lot of material out there right now to make fun of, and I don’t think it would suffer for a share of the audience.

You can check out the interview in whole, including some time with Tom Cruise and others involved in the Mission Impossible film, on MTV’s website.