Pellegrino and Welliver reunite for one last Lost scene

Posted by CB Droege

The creators of Lost recently screened a humorous "deleted" scene from season one of the popular show.

Shown at a Comic-Con 2011 panel, the brief film depicted the famous scene from the first season in which John is trying to convince Jack that they should try to open the hatch in the jungle floor - a move which ultimately became the first step toward a much greater mystery.

Throughout the scene, we see the characters who would later be known as Jacob and The Man in Black (played by Mark Pellegrino and Titus Welliver respectively), hiding in the shadows and discussing the future of the story-line in blatant terms.

As the scene progresses, they give away more and more of the story, and the scene becomes more ridiculous, and clearly never intended to be a part of the show. In fact, it was filmed only a few weeks ago.

(Note of warning: If you are still watching Lost for some reason, and haven’t caught up to the final season, this video will completely ruin the whole show for you.)

I can just imagine the whole audience slowly building in laughter as they realize just how silly the whole thing is getting as it builds toward the final punch-line.

Of course it’s a commentary on the criticisms that the creators of Lost were just making the whole thing up as they went along with no overarching plan for the series.

Yes, this "deleted scene" supposedly proves they had all the final answers in mind right from the beginning, and only when editing this episode decided that it should be more secretive.

It’s great to see that they can laugh at themselves, and take the jeers that the concluding episodes of their show gets in good humor.