Teen turns old phone into $9,000 Porsche through Craigslist

  • While most people are complaining about the economy like old crotchety people, some people are actually using it to their advantage - like 17-year-old Steven Ortiz who got a Porsche without spending any money.

    Ortiz got "an old cell phone" from a friend, as reported by Jalopnik.com, and decided to go on Craigslist to try to barter it for a better phone. He managed to get an iPod Touch. This was the beginning of the chain...

    - He traded the iPod Touch for a dirtbike

    - He traded the dirtbike for another dirtbike

    - He kept trading and upgrading dirtbikes

    - Eventually, he traded a dirtbike for a MacBook Pro

    - The MacBook Pro was traded for a Toyota 4Runner

    - The Toyota 4Runner was traded for an off-road golf cart

    - The golf cart was traded for a really nice dirtbike

    - That dirt bike was traded for a motorcycle

    - The motorcycle was traded for a car

    - After a few car swaps, he ended up with a 1975 Ford Bronco

    - And finally... he traded the Bronco for a 2000 Porsche Boxster

    Apparently people on Craigslist are willing to trade high-ticket stuff for a lower valued item that they want or need more. After all, we all get bored of everything after a while, so it makes sense to trade something that's just sitting in a basement or garage in exchange for something new, even if it's not as valuable.

    That holds especially true in this economy, where people are losing a lot of their discretionary income.

    In total, Ortiz made 14 trades to turn a cell phone into a Porsche. The craziest part is that when he started all of this, he wasn't even old enough to drive. He was 15 when he made his first online deal. Now, 2 years later, he's the envy of everyone at his high school.

    I wonder what he'll trade the Porsche in for...

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