Gizmodo not invited to WWDC keynote. Why, oh, why?

  • Maybe it's because they'd seen the future and they didn't feel like they were going to need shades.

    Alas, poor Gizmodo! We read it, Stevie J: a site

    of infinite posts, of most baudy colors: it hath

    kept us-eth from work a thousand times; and now, how

    abhorred in Jobsian circles it is! Our lunch rises

    to meet our thoughts at the shame of't.

    There they hung their iPod earplugs that were covered in Hades wax I know

    not how oft. Where be their stolen iPhones now? Their

    guffaws at fingering embargoes? Their inbound

    links? Their flashes of amusement,

    that were wont to set the Internets in uproar? Not one

    now, to mock an iPhone called 4? Quite forgotten?

    Nay! They live to blog from a vacant bathroom

    stall at a Cupertino deli, where the urinals hold no prototypes, out of favor there they will

    remain; 'til they maketh Stevie J laugh again.


    There was an oldy from Eaton........

    Okay, I will stop. Too much, right?

    Real journalism on this stuff over at the Wall Street Journal. Explains the whole fiasco. 

    In the meantime, we stand with our brothers at Gizmodo, and will continue not to be invited to any Apple events ourselves. Solidarity!