Sex sites go on sale

It's been described the most valuable internet domain name in the world, and it's coming up for auction in about ten days' time.

Americans watch nearly 200 online videos a month

If the latest Comscore report is any indication, the average Internet user who watches online video will soon view over 200 videos a month, or more than 6 each and every day. Nearly half of those come from YouTube.

Child directs flight traffic at JFK

When an air traffic controller's son had the day off school, he was brought to work - into the control tower at one of the busiest airports in the world. The FAA is now investigating.

Phew! UFOs aren't a military threat

We can all breathe easy: the British Ministry of Defence has decided that UFOs aren't dangerous.

Toto, I don't think we're in Topeka any more

In an extraordinary example of optimistic brown-nosing, Topeka, Kansas has changed its name to Google.

Home-made flying machine goes under the hammer

Would you pay $27,000 for a flying machine built using scooter parts and a barbecue gas bottle? Yes? Then you've still got time to place your bid.

Man charged with porn offences after Russian billboard hack

An elderly Russian driver reportedly had a heart attack at the wheel, after a prankster hacked into a mainframe to beam a porn film onto a giant billboard.

Give up your iPods for Lent, say bishops

A bunch of bishops are calling on people to give up technology for Lent.

Jobs relents and authorises biography

Steve Jobs hasn't been best pleased at previous efforts to write his biography. But, it seems, he's now found somebody worthy of the task.

Public votes to turn Barbie into a geek

Watch out, guys: in, ooh, about ten years time, you'll need to prepare for a female invasion.

Valentine's Day! Sunday! Must buy her crap.

That's right, idiot, two more days before you supplicate yourself at the altar of mawkish crappiness that is St. Valentine's Day. Why not buy it something that you can steal back for yourself later. List mania!

Norwegian frogmen ambush StreetView car

It's amazing the things you can see on StreetView. The Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower - and frogmen leaping out of lawn chairs.

Iran bans Gmail, forgets to turn Internets off

On the eve of the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, the Iranian regime is feeling the pinch from the Green Movement. Iran's large population of under 30s is as tech savvy as they come, and the authorities are doing everything they can to stop them from disrupting government backed festivities with their demonstrations.

iPad madness reaches obscene levels

What's the most important news story in the world today? The Haiti earthquake, the possibility of peace talks with the Taliban or Tony Blair facing questioning in the inquiry into the invasion of Iraq? Don't be silly. It's a new consumer gadget from Apple.

The best iPad video ever!

Avatar is bad news for movie lovers

While the world struggles to find new adjectives to describe the wonderfulosity of James Cameron's 3D epic, Avatar, the more sober amongst us reckon that film lovers should be afraid - very afraid - of what its runaway success means.

World's first movies made entirely by chimpanzees

You could be mistaken for thinking Hollywood has finally given up pretending that it actually uses sentient beings to make movies but, that's not the case. The BBC is airing the first film shot entirely by chimpanzees as part of a natural history documentary on January 27, 2010.

Aliens might be bug-eyed monsters after all

A nervous astronomer from the UK's Royal Observatory in Greenwich warns that we should be jolly careful about contacting extra-terrestrials because they could turn out to be more Alien than ET.

Ninja's unbox the Nexus One

Google should start selling Ninja accessories, Ninja swords, nunchuks, Ninja bedspreads. Just give up on the damn phone, Google.

Apple app store flaw gets kids to porn

Parental control just isn't what it used to be. Flaws in Apple software let's kids see the dreaded NSFW images that we spend most of our time trying to find.