Microsoft 'metermaids' miff conference delegates

Microsoft has infuriated Australians after hiring a bunch of half-naked women to pep up a developers' conference - which had a key session devoted to 'Women in IT'.

iPad comes to aid of fat-fingered sumo wrestlers

Japan's Sumo Association has decided that the iPad is the perfect device for its fat-fingered wrestlers, and is dishing them out to all its training establishments.

App Store head sells fart apps on the side

It's nice to know what the top bods at Apple get up to in their spare time. Charity work, cultural events, time with their families... and fart apps., OMG, surpasses 5 million skanks and skankettes

The site also trademarks the term "Booty Call." We're not making this stuff up. People on the Internets are not like you and me.

Kill farting camels, say environmentalists

An Australian environmental group is calling for hundreds of thousands of camels, pigs and waterbuffalo to be slaughtered - because of their farts.

Ayn Rand fan 'writes' world's biggest message

Fed up with the world's unaccountable failure to embrace Ayn Rand's ultra-right-wing philosophy, a man has used the entire United States as a canvas to spell out his message.

Computer glitch sends college acceptance letters by mistake

Applying for college provides a roller coaster of emotions in an of itself, but when a university has to send you a retraction to an acceptance letter it sent because of a computer glitch, that boils things over even more.

Obama must invade Switzerland for Coffee Robots

The Nesbot, a robot that serves its human masters rich rivers of fine coffee and does not whine about wanting Friday afternoons off, should be protected from Al Qaeda.

Now you can have multiple Gmail accounts open at once

If you've got multiple Gmail accounts, like Clark Kent probably would if he were around today, you can now have them open at the same time instead of going through the redundant cycle of logging out and logging back in.

Reagan's son sets up email service for right-wingers only

Still using Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo Mail? You Commie pinko, you. But now, true American patriots have an alternative - Reagan Mail.

Ceglia 'forgot' he owned most of Facebook

Paul Ceglia - the man suing Facebook because he reckons he owns most of it - clearly has a memory like a sieve.

Porn in Indonesian parliament bodes ill for censorship plans

Indonesian journalists got a bit of a shock yesterday, when they were treated to an X-rated video courtesy of the government.

GPS killer app: stalking, er, I mean flirting

Location based services are going to be hotter than a junebug dancing on a fat man's grill. Flirtatious dating site hottie is hitting the "droid."

Users now spend 23% of their online time on social networks

People are spending less time checking their e-mail, reading news and going to traditional online portals, but are spending a heck of a lot more time on Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter eclipses 20 billion tweets

A Japanese man posted an innocuous tweet over the weekend, which translators have had difficulty understanding, but regardless what the message actually said there is no question as to its significance - it is the 20 billionth posting in the short history of Twitter.

Telepresence robot is the stuff of nightmares

You might think that a Caspar the Ghost lookalike would make a pretty poor substitute for a beloved grandchild or trusted doctor, but Japanese robotics researchers are betting otherwise.

Youtube video limit upped from 10 minutes to 15 minutes

Fulfilling the most requested change to Google's video sharing site, Youtube has finally increased the length of videos that users can upload to a more accommodating 15 minutes.

Shock of the century: Eminem says he's computer illiterate

Apparently the question of who the real Slim Shady is isn't the only question that Eminem has trouble answering. He's also not sure how to use Google, or so he says. seeks a better way to search for answers

If you want the answer to a question like "How far apart are sonny and cher in age?" you can't get it from a simple Google search, but is launching a new beta site that aims to make difficult queries like this easier to answer.

Is it possible to make zombies sexy?

It was announced last week that movie mega-star Brad Pitt will be the star of an upcoming theatrical adaptation of one of the best-selling zombie books of all time: World War Z. But where are all the good-looking actors willing to play the role of a zombie?