Red Bull won't give Baumgartner wings

Red Bull has pulled out of a plan to help adventurer Felix Baumgartner carry out a record-breaking parachute jump from the stratosphere.

Motion controllers are bad for your health

Interactive gaming can be seriously bad for your health, according to researchers from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

BOND bike boasts flame-thrower and ejector seat

A new bicycle to be unveiled in London next week boasts the ultimate deterrents for aggressive motorists and thieves: a flame-thrower and an ejector seat.

Frisky fruit bats scoop Ig Nobel prize

The winners of this year's Ig Nobel awards have been announced, demonstrating once again that the public is much more interested in fornicating fruit bats than cures for cancer.

Internet addict beaten to death in Chinese boot camp

A strung out Internet addict has been beaten to death at a boot camp for troubled youths in China. 

Groupon pays people to procreate

Now, here's a nice little wheeze. You want to make a fabulously generous offer as part of a marketing push, but you don't want to have to give any money away for at least another eighteen years.

You've joined the social network, now read the comic

We'd love to see him with his underpants on the outside of his jeans, but Mark Zuckerberg is no Superman.

Aliens interfering with nukes, say Air Force officers

Aliens have been buzzing around missile bases and deactivating nuclear weapons, according to a group of six Air Force officers and a UFO researcher.

Netflix says sorry to 'self-absorbed' Americans

It's not been a good week for Netflix, despite the successful launch of its streaming video service in Canada.

Carrier pigeons beat broadband with 533Kbps data rate

In a shameless but nonetheless very entertaining stunt, carrier pigeons have beaten British rural broadband in a 120 kilometer race.

A quarter of people stay online during sex

What are you doing now, at the same time as reading this article? Be honest, now - because security firm PC Tools has done a survey, and says lots of you like to get jiggy while online.

Israeli government buys Twitter account from porn merchant

The Israeli government has bought the @Israel Twitter account from the owner of a pornographic website.

Designers create reusable spray-on clothes

Can't find a pair of skinny jeans that's tight enough? Look no further. A British team has developed a fabric that can simply be sprayed onto the body.

Web hosting firm boots out book-burning pastor

With the bolting horse heading over the horizon, web hosting company Rackspace has locked the stable door and refused to host the website of the Dove World Outreach Center.

God to Stephen Hawking: Really? That's all you've got?

Ironically, by disputing God, Hawking may get us all killed by God.

Are Facebook fiends all insecure narcissists?

In the Greek legend, Narcissus loved gazing at his own reflection. Today, according to Canadian psychologists, he'd be more likely to try and persuade others to look at him by posting constant status updates on Facebook.

Japanese resort hosts virtual couples

When officials in Japanese resort Atami realised the town was no longer attracting as many honeymooners as before, the answer was simple - pull in virtual lovebirds instead.

It may be the end for printed dictionaries

With Wikipedia,, and, well, the rest of the entire Internet, who needs a physical dictionary anymore? Apparently not enough people to actually make the next version of the Oxford English Dictionary go to the printers.

Reddit challenges Conde Nast, runs pro-pot ads for free

Social news site Reddit has rejected calls from parent company Conde Nast to stop carrying ads in favour of the legalization of cannabis, and has vowed to run them for free.

Foursquare manages to reach three million users

Foursquare works in conjunction with social networking services and allows users to "check in" at restaurants, stores, landmarks, movie theaters, etc, from their mobile phone. It taps into the phone's built-in location data and then broadcasts that information for the world to see.