Video: The Clone Wars gets David Tennant as guest star

Former Doctor Who star plays a droid in the acclaimed CGI serial.

Watch the first 25 minutes of BSG: Blood & Chrome

Machinima has released the first two episodes of the Battlestar Galactica prequel.

What if Spielberg directed Star Wars episode 7?

Now that we know there will be three more Star Wars movies, the speculation’s been flying fast and furious about who could possibly direct them.

What price a Star Trek replica?

Back when our parents were kids, they hoarded a lot of cool stuff just like we did, like Mad magazines, comic books, and toys. Except they couldn’t hang on to it like we can, because their parents would throw it all away.

Video: Exploring The Elder Scrolls Online

Bethesda Softworks has released a new video which explores the gameplay basics of its upcoming fantasy MMO.

Jurassic Park 3D trailer takes you back to the island

Universal Pictures has released a trailer for the 3D release of its classic dinosaur thriller.

A closer look at the The Isles of the Sun - Indie d20 campaign guide

One of the best things about Kickstarter is how it helps indie artists get their work out to a potential audience.

Report: Star Wars episode seven may already have a writer

Even though the next Star Wars movie is due in 2015, it’s surprising to see that things could be coming together very quickly already for Episode Seven.

Are there too many Hunger Games out there?

No, we’re not saying three Hunger Games books, or four Hunger Games movies, are too much.

The ultimate superhero infographic

In light of Disney's recent acquisition, Empire Magazine has put together an easy to understand infographic explaining who owns what.

World War Z trailer goes live

In recent memory, it’s hard to think of a movie getting worse press than World War Z, and it’s still ways away from being out in theaters, with a current release date of June 21, 2013.

Man of Steel converted to 3D

While I couldn’t recall hearing or reading anything about the new Superman flick, Man of Steel, being up for a 3D conversion, it makes sense the movie would be on the fast track for 3D treatment.  

Hobbit advance ticket sales #1 on the charts

Quite a number of movies have offered advance tickets for sale lately, sometimes several months in advance, and with certain films, there were reports of sell outs well before the release date.

Rockstar teases GTA V protagonist

Rockstar has revealed some sparse details about our next anti-hero.

Gaiman to bring classic villain back to Doctor Who

The BBC has revealed some of the plot for the next Doctor Who Gaiman episode. Warning - spoilers inside.

Harrison Ford eyes Star Wars episode seven

No, this story was not first reported on a parody site, although the thought of Harrison Ford coming back to Star Wars is…well, words escape us on this one.

Top Gun 3D inches forward

Last year it was reported that Top Gun - the top film of 1986 - will be converted to 3D.

Halo 4 continues to conquer

The release of Halo 4 didn’t exactly overshadow the Presidential election for most, but there’s no doubt it’s the gaming event of the season and reviews of the long-awaited title keep on pouring in. 

BSG: Blood and Chrome trailer fills in the gaps

Machinima has released a trailer for the long-awaited web-series, which will be here much sooner than expected.

Grand Theft Auto V can't settle down

Rockstar Games recently announced a release window for its upcoming open-world adventure game sequel.