Tomb Raider's double reboot

We’ve recently reported, as rumor, that a Tomb Raider movie reboot might be in the works, but now we have confirmation from the studio. In addition, the video game franchise is receiving the same treatment.

Trailer released for Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

In a just released trailer, we’re getting our first look at the new comedy horror based on the Italian comicbook series, "Dylan Dog."

Team flies house with balloons in real-life version of Up!

A team of scientists and engineers has succeeded in reproducing the wonderful flying house from the movie Up!, by attaching hundreds of helium balloons to a sixteen-foot-square mock-up of the building.

Callis joins "17th Precinct" as part of larger trend

Two things we’ve been seeing a lot of lately: "Battlestar Galactica" actors being cast in new shows, and a prevalence of new crime procedural dramas, it was inevitable that it would happen simultaneously, but now it’s happened twice in one week.

Martin to finally finish "A Dance with Dragons"

The next book in “The Song of Ice and Fire” series finally has a set release date. After six long years, many fans were beginning to worry that George R.R. Martin would never finish the next entry.

Was Ashton Kutcher's Twitter hack a publicity stunt?

Alleged fame-whore and Twitter celeb Ashton Kutcher is fighting for his space on the corner these days because there’s a new man in town: Charlie Sheen.

Yes, Androids dream of Blade Runner sequels

Amid all the talk of reboots and remakes, it’s kind-of refreshing to get some news that at least one classic property is being kept immune to all this.

Hurrah! Royal Wedding website launched!

Oh, this is so exciting! The Royal Family has launched an official website in response to the pitiful amount of press attention being given to William and Kate's forthcoming nuptials.

Foursquare lists world's rudest cities

Manchester in the UK is the world's rudest English-speaking city, according to Foursquare, based on the amount of swearing in check-in recommendations.

British PM scuppered knighthood for Steve Jobs

You know how it goes. You turn down someone's party invitation, and they just don't want to be your friend any more.

Scammers 'steal' university website

A fake university created to scam Asian students out of fees found a novel way of making itself look legitimate - it stole another college's website.

No, the Saudi king is not buying Facebook

Dozens of middle eastern newspapers and blogs have falled for a spoof article suggesting that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is planning to buy Facebook.

Fake virtual girlfriend steals 200K

Oh, the things people will do for a love. One Naperville man wired $200,000 to rescue his online girlfriend from kidnappers before realizing it was all a hoax.

Women pop poultry pills to fatten up

There are certain things almost every woman wants: nice hair, straight teeth, and a juicy rear end? Yes, the desire for patootie perfection has women in England taking poultry tablets designed to fatten up chickens in order to plump their rear ends.

Garter texts jealous boyfriends to warn of infidelity

Well, isn't this the most romantic thing you've ever heard? A UK husband and wife team is marketing a garter that alerts a woman's partner if she's in danger of being unfaithful.

Mayor Bing says no to RoboCop statue

Detroit’s Mayor Dave Bing was featured in several media outlets Tuesday. You would think his appearances would have people in cyberspace talking about his efforts to fix Detroit, but people were talking about his veto of a RoboCop statue instead.

Yes, Mark Zuckerberg has a Facebook stalker

How did he not see this one coming? Yes, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a stalker who obsessively follows him on, well, Facebook.

Archeologist discovers thousands of ancient sites - on Google Earth

The trouble with being an archaeologist is that it's actually quite hard work. It tends to involve quite a bit of digging stuff up, often under a baking desert sun.

Bellagio chip heist foiled by poor Internet etiquette

What happened to the Jesse James and Al Capones of the world? Sometimes it seems like there just aren't any good criminals anymore.

A developer's ode to Apple

Apple, I’ve given you all and now I'm nothing.