Video: The destroyed cities of Del Toro's Pacific Rim

Warner Bros. has released a new video showcasing its upcoming sci-fi film Pacific Rim.

Gaming predictions for 2013

While gaming didn’t have a great year overall, it’s really made up for lost time with the incredible success of Halo 4 and Call of Duty Black Ops 2.

Where is the Star Wars universe headed next?

There have been a lot of interesting Star Wars related reports hitting the 'Net in recent weeks. 

The Bourne Legacy Blu-ray falls off the bike

Universal Studios has posted a number of trailers along with a bonus feature list for its upcoming home release of the sci-fi film.

About that Dark Knight Rises ending...

Nolan has indeed been very clear that this is the end of his version of Batman, just like the surviving members of Zeppelin swear up and down they won’t reunite.

Dystopian Kill photos puts Cruise on the front lines

Warner Bros. has posted a number of photos from the set of its latest sci-fi adaptation.

X-Men reunited

We recently confirmed that Bryan Singer, who directed the first two X-Men films, will be back for the next movie in the franchise, X-Men Days of Future Past.

SimCity dev diary sells garbage to the neighbors

EA has released a video for its upcoming city-builder simulation that showcases the detailed interactions between multiple cities in a specific region.

Call of Duty reigns supreme

It’s remarkable to see gaming make a big comeback, but what’s a little surprising is the battle between the two big boys at the top.

The Hobbit heralds a new age of 48 FPS

"When you have something new, you want to make sure it works. This is unique, it’s different and we’ll have to see how people adjust to it."

Merlin is over, Camelot will live on

Showrunners have confirmed that 2012 is the last year for the Arthurian drama.

$600 Harry Potter (book) box set due this December

No, J.K. Rowling isn't writing another Harry Potter book, although she’s been trying to make it in the adult book world with her recent novel A Casual Vacancy.

From Wonder Woman to Red Dawn

The remake of Red Dawn recently hit theaters, only to garner lukewarm reviews. Then again, it probably wasn’t the greatest idea to remake a movie so right wing and jingoistic in this day and age.

Happy birthday Pong!

It seems incredibly primitive by today’s standards, but Pong is indeed one of the most important games in history.

Snyder talks Man of Steel and Justice League

The director of the new Superman film offers an in-depth look at the newly redefined superhero.

What are the all-time best 100 video games?

The best video games in history. Cool idea for a list, and I’m surprised I haven’t seen it anywhere else recently, although putting a collection like this together is quite a daunting task.

Can brick and mortar gaming stores survive the digital onslaught?

With the economy still in bad shape, it’s depressing to see so many companies and local businesses going under.

CoD, FPS and the US military

With a $500 million gross its first day in release, and experts predicting sales of twenty million copies by the end of the year, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is the current big daddy of games.

What's inside Marvel's Phase One box?

Marvel's Phase One box set is redesigned and on its way.

Video: Finishing The Hobbit

When making a major blockbuster, wrapping everything up can go down to the wire.