Foxx, DeHann confirmed for The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Casting moves forward on the highly anticipated sequel.  

Del Toro climbs the Crimson Peak

It’s a long running joke: Another day, and yet another Guillermo Del Toro project gets set up.

Skyrim: Dragonborn drops today

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's latest expansion, Dragonborn, goes live today for the XBox 360.

Can the Steve Jobs biopic deliver?

Multiple movies with similar subjects that go head to head with each other are a common phenomenon in Hollywood.

Game of Thrones video raises the stakes

HBO has posted a new featurette about filming the upcoming third season.

Is new Hobbit movie tech making audiences ill?

While it’s great fun to watch a movie in 3D, there’s always the risk of eyestrain and headaches if it’s not set up right.

Walking Dead: Assault is ready for the zombie apocalypse

Now that The Walking Dead has hit its mid season finale, it’s been a triumphant third time around for the series, and the undead have never been hotter.

Hobbit clip firebombs the village with Smaug

New Line has posted a television spot for the first film in Peter Jackson's upcoming Hobbit trilogy.

Hilarious Star Wars parody takes on The Force (and Disney)

The next Star Wars film is three years away, yet there is already a new parody of Disney's take on the Lucas space opera.

The multiplicity of Doctor Who

The special episode may feature a number of previous actors reprising their respective roles as Doctor Who. 

Video: SimCity prepares for disaster

EA has posted a video for its upcoming city-builder simulation that showcases the natural, and not-so-natural disasters set to be unleashed in the game. 

Fringe clips tease the season finale

Fox has posted a number of featurettes for Fringe fans who are missing a new episode this week.

Owning the original Batmobile

Although many find the TV Batman of the sixties silly, it was the big launching point for many of us in terms of becoming life-long Bat-fans.

Star Wars: The search for a new director continues

Speculation as to who will direct the next Star Wars film has been flying fast and furious ever since the deal with Disney was announced.

Can gaming and kids co-exist?

A lot of people I know have become parents this year, and life certainly changes dramatically when you have a child.

Iron Man 3 releases the nano-bots

Marvel Studios has released a number of images teasing its upcoming super hero sequel.

Wonder Woman marches forward on the CW

It’s funny how pop culture serendipity works.

Genre visual effects at the Oscars

Ever heard the old saying about genre films? They don’t win Academy Awards for Best Picture, but usually sweep the technical awards.

What If Spielberg directed Bond?

With the resurrection of Star Wars, possible lists of directors have shown up all over the 'Net, yet right now it’s just fanboy wishful thinking.

Who wants a Tardis for Christmas?

It’s amazing the following Doctor Who has to this day. I can still recall growing up seeing flashes of the re-runs on TV, and at my impressionable young age it was quite a bizarre vortex to get sucked into.