Gregg and Ming-Na join S.H.I.E.L.D.

A pair of cast members have been announced for the upcoming Marvel television series.

The micro-transactions of Assassin's Creed 3

As we’ve previously discussed here on TG, even if you’re not a hard-core gamer, you'll surely  be amazed by Ubisoft's upcoming Assassin’s Creed 3.

Firefly special goes live in November

It really is remarkable how much love there is for Firefly these days, and it reminds me a bit of how Star Trek wasn’t a hit in its initial run, but later became one of the most important franchises in sci-fi history.

Peter Jackson reflects on Middle Earth

"The idea of having an ensemble of thirteen dwarves terrified me and I thought, it’s going to be much more interesting to have another filmmaker dealing with that..."

Having a Corpse Party

Although I know full well that zombies don’t exist, I can understand why there’s zombie paranoia out there. It seems that the undead are everywhere these days.

Man with the Iron Fists prologue sails dangerous waters

Universal Pictures recently released an animated prologue for its upcoming martial arts fantasy film.

LEGO Batman The Movie trailer 'assembles' the Justice League

Warner Bros recently released the first full trailer for its upcoming animated super hero comedy.

Will Mass Effect make it to the big screen?

We’ve written a lot about the possible synergy between movies and games, and for a long time it seemed the two worlds would never meet.

John Carpenter's Halloween is back in theaters

With the holiday Halloween around the corner, it only makes sense that John Carpenter's classic Halloween is back in theaters for a limited run.

Halo 4 breaks the bank

We’re not at the point yet where video games are as expensive as movies, but it sure isn't cheap to properly code a graphics intensive video game.

Wreck-it Ralph featurettes get unplugged

Disney has released a pair of featurettes for its upcoming video game film, Wreck-it Ralph.

Star Trek Into Darkness gets a comic prequel

Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim is slated to feature a graphic novel that hits shelves just before the release of the film.

Report: Director Byan Singer may return to X-Men

The first X-Men was really a landmark for comic book movies, because it illustrated that Hollywood was finally taking superheroes seriously.

Logan's Run reboot hits another snag

Before science fiction stories crossed over to moviegoers of all ages with Star Wars, genre movies were inherently much darker.

Some thoughts on Assassin's Creed - the movie

Ubisoft Motion Pictures and Sony recently finalized a deal to fund and distribute their upcoming adaptation of Assassin's Creed.

Harington talks Game of Thrones season 3

Kit Harington has been talking to the press a lot lately due to his part in the upcoming Silent Hill film, but what a lot of the fans really want to know about it Game of Thrones, in which he plays the part of Jon Snow.

The Hobbit's cutting edge sound mix

With the first installment of The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey, Peter Jackson’s clearly not afraid to embrace new technology.

James Cameron's post-Avatar plans

One can't help but feel somewhat peculiar when reading about James Cameron’s post-Avatar plans.

Review: The memories of Alphas

The second season of Alphas managed to significantly ramp up the drama without losing its cerebral, sci-fi nature.

Old school horror returns

As a long time horror fan, my first exposure to the genre as a kid were the original Universal classics on TV.