DaVinci's Demons trailer dual wields

Starz has released a teaser trailer for its upcoming alternate history serial.

Does the new Star Wars already have a director?

Has a director already been found for the new Star Wars film?

Sneakers turns 20

There’s two sayings about movies I love. The real reviews for movies are written five to ten years after a film is released, and time can be a filmmaker’s best friend.

Review: The vibrance of Alien - The Illustrated Story

A new remastered printing of the original graphic novel is out - and it definitely stands up to the test of time.

Video: Fan remake of Descent is in the works and looking good

Modder Madmax1998 is making us the Descent we deserve.

Halo 4 is the tip of the gaming spear

The glory of Halo 4 has been unleashed upon the world. It is without a doubt the most anticipated game of the year, and going into the holiday season there’s no question it’s going be a blockbuster of epic proportions. 

The heads of Prometheus: The Art of the Film

With Prometheus only just finishing up a successful box-office run, and soon coming to Blu-ray, an art book is a good home companion to the film.

George Lucas eyes a post-Star Wars life

So George Lucas has finally handed over the reins of Lucasfilm to Disney for $4.05 billion, with the majority of the money going to charity.

Wreck it Ralph is #1 at the box office

The buzz on Wreck It Ralph was very strong up to its release on Friday, November 2.

The epic storytelling of The Hobbit

Advance tickets for The Hobbit go on sale November 7.

Halo 4 fights gaming sexism

Gaming technology has made major leaps and bounds, to the point where some titles are almost indistinguishable from real life.

Skyrim: Dragonborn trailer goes live

Bethesda Softworks has released the first trailer for its upcoming Skyrim DLC.

The Toxic Cities of Paglia and Proyas Evolve together

With Eureka over and done with, the show's co-creator, Jamie Paglia has been working on something new - adapting Tim Lebbon's novel trilogy Toxic City for television.

Fringe's finale and Revolution's hiatus

It’s been an interesting week of news for Fringe and Revolution. Both are JJ Abrams shows and fans of Fringe knew the end was nigh.

Rumor: Skyrim's next DLC to including dragon riding

Bethesda has announced the imminent arrival of a trailer for the next Skyrim DLC, but that hasn't stopped the speculation.

Ridley Scott to helm low-budget films at Focus

Veteran filmmaker Ridley Scott will be heading up an initiative to push low-budget genre films through Focus Features International.

Review: The impact of Wreck-It Ralph

Come for the nostalgic video game references, stay for the great story.

Black Sabbath returns next April

It was almost a year ago now that the original line-up of Black Sabbath announced they were back and were going to record their first album of new material in over thirty years.

Guillermo Del Toro eyes the Swamp Thing

Another week, another project Guillermo Del Toro’s apparently involved in.

Does LucasArts have a future under Disney?

There is a lot of talk about what Disney will be doing with LucasFilm, but LucasArts may be where we see the most change.