'Twas the Night Before Christmas for Stan Lee

At an age where most people are ready to just let the clock run out, Stan Lee’s got a pretty full schedule of appearances, video games, new comics in the works, cameos in Marvel films, and much, much more.

The Walking Dead crawls towards Season 4

It’s apparently been tough times for The Walking Dead, which just goes to show you that even zombies have to deal with the yin and yang of life.

Molyneux's GODUS hits Kickstarter goal

Peter Molyneux's new game has achieved its Kickstarter goal.

Game of Thrones - the beer?!

There are a number of movies and TV shows that are clear merchandising opportunities.

Star Trek: The Video Game gets detailed

Along with the next Star Trek flick, which hits theaters on May 17, 2013, there will be a video game to coincide with the film.

Plotting the Sequel to Prometheus

While it hit theaters to a mixed reception this summer, there’s definitely a lot of Prometheus fans out there who would certainly love to see more.

Exclusive: The technology behind Ted

It’s amazing to think that one of the biggest movies of the year centers around a teddy bear, but Ted is fast becoming one of the biggest comedies of all time, if it isn’t there already.

Video: Bioshock Infinite preview takes the elevator

Irrational Games has released a gameplay preview for its upcoming dystopian thriller.

Is the Transformers 4 script leak legit?

In the internet age, it’s very difficult to keep anything under wraps, and Hollywood is always terrified of leaks.

Doctor Who: The Snowmen trailer blows cold

BBC America has released a domestic TV spot for the highly anticipated holiday special.

Beware the x-rated phone hackers

There are currently a number of stories in the news about celebrities who had their private pictures and x-rated home movies stolen by hackers.

Godzilla's Getting Ready to Stomp Again

When the news hit that Godzilla was going to be remade again, it felt like a mixed blessing.

The hallucinatory red-band trailer of John Dies at the End

Magnolia Pictures has released the first R-rated trailer for John Dies at the End.

Game of Thrones season 3 featurette builds the courtyard

HBO has released a new featurette for its upcoming season of the dark fantasy serial.

Star Wars and the Mayan Apocalypse

All this talk about the end of the world is pretty silly indeed, but is there a Star Wars connection? 

Mad Max: Fury Road moves forward

After a long delay, the next film in the classic franchise is moving forward.

Halo 4 Forward Unto Dawn up for Streamy Awards

The Streamys may not be as well known as the Oscars or the Grammys, but with so much entertainment becoming VOD, maybe one day the Streamys will be a household name as well.

The auctions of Star Wars

Star Wars memorabilia auctions have not slowed down, especially in the wake of an official announcement from Lucas and Disney that there will be yet another three films.  

Juan in a Million trailer checks all the houses

Pacific Sunset Pictures has released a trailer for its upcoming last-man-on-earth tale.

Doctor Who's The Snowmen prequel looks to the sky

BBC One has released a second mini-prequel for the upcoming Doctor Who holiday episode.