Be the app, my friend, be the app

Bruce Lee once said, "Be water, my friend." But then again, dear Bruce didn't have a smartphone.

Chinese antitrust ninjas descend on Microsoft offices

Microsoft has had its offices in China swooped upon by officials in an apparent antitrust investigation.

New study measures economic impact of NSA’s spying

A new study from the New America Foundation shows NSA actions are hurting U.S. based tech companies.
Google+ is not a requirement for Hangouts use anymore

Google+: no. Google Hangouts: Yes!

Finally, Google does less evil. You don't need to have a Google+ account to enjoy the wonders of Hangouts.

UK wants to test driverless cars

Showing the can-do spirit that got them through a couple of world wars, the Brits are going to test cars that drive themselves in 3 cities next year.

Asana wants to be the Facebook of business

That's any easy one because one of the founders of Facebook is driving the startup forward.

Better economy may boost going green initiatives

According to a V1 survey, at the first sign of financial trouble, businesses are far too willing to back away from going green.