New Fin Tech Systems and How They are Improving Lives

So many things have changed in the financial space over the last few years and new changes are still coming.

Even Apple Makes Millions With Pokemon Go

iPhone users are buying Pokecoins to get additional features in the app.

Rudy Giuliani, BlackBerry Security, IoT Insecurity and the Changed Unsecure World

Traditional methods and approaches to security just aren’t up to the task of protecting us.

Who helps the help desk?

Once upon a time we would have asked, “who shaves the barber?” but times have changed.

5 Great Hacks for Project Managers to Accomplish More by Doing Less

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7 Signs Your Company Needs an ERP

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Cisco Live Keynote: “Now Is The Time To Kick Some Digital Butt”

This week is Cisco’s big customer event in Las Vegas called Cisco Live , they’ve pretty much taken over Las Vegas this year. Channeling Donald Trump, the show is huuuuge! What makes this year’s event interesting is this is the first pure showcase of their new CEO Chuck Robbins . Already, just as it opens, I’m feeling a very different energy and, strangely, a sense of fun. Technology is the single biggest change agent in the market and Cisco plans to be at the heart of the coming digital transformation. Here is my sense of this opening keynote and what it means to Cisco and to you. What The...

Does Your SEO Company Offer The Promised Quality?

Most people think that absolutely all the SEO companies do the same work so it does not really matter which one is hired.