PC sales and cloud services may help Microsoft on eve of Q4 earnings report

Tuesday, after the close of market, Microsoft will release their Q4 earnings report and according to the experts things might not be all that bad.

68% of employees expose confidential metadata to third parties

A survey found out that large numbers of professionals are failing to remove metadata from emails that reveal confidential company information.

Is Microsoft adopting a more agile approach?

Microsoft announced they will be laying off nearly 18,000 people and CEO Satya Nadella all but said they would be using agile techniques to boost productivity.

A personal look back at the changing role of IT

When I worked in management services in the gas industry 25 years ago, IT was seen as monolithic, unresponsive, inflexible, data centre-based and accessed almost exclusively in line of business mode.

Microsoft cutting 18,000 jobs

According to a company email sent around to employees today, Microsoft will be laying off 18,000 people, roughly 14% of their workforce.

Apple-IBM deal hurts Blackberry in the enterprise

CEO John Chen is trying to revive the brand and remains confident despite Apple muscling in on its turf.