Casio caters for the clumsy cameraman

  • Casio's new digital camera can survive a drop of seven feet as well as submersion in water, says the company.

    The shock-resistant Casio Exilim EX-G1 will hit the shelves next month – presumably from an altitude of less than seven feet - at a retail price of $299.

    Why seven feet, we wonder? Is Casio aiming the EX-G1 at the unfeasibly-tall?

    The 12.1 megapixel camera is positioned in the ‘endurance’ category, and is aimed at ‘top athletes and adventurers’.

    That obviously rules out the staff of TG Daily, then.

    The EX-G1 has a stainless steel outer case and its inner resin body withstands shock and water damage.

    It even boasts a mist-removing feature, preventing it from taking any moody shots of sunrises over lakes and mountains.

    It can also be used underwater for up to an hour at depths of up to ten feet.

    An aqualung is not included.

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