Napster offers six million DRM-free songs

  • Los Angeles (CA) – Are you tired of downloading MP3 songs with pesky DRM protection?  Well Napster, yes that Napster, is now offering more than six million music tracks without any restriction.  The company launched its new music store today and every song will cost 99 cents and albums will be $9.95 each.

    Every song will be available in high-quality 256 kbps format and should be transferable to any MP3 player.  Thank god because the one thing I hate about iTunes is dealing with the dreaded AAC format that is stuck on your PC and iPod.  And if you are leery about spending 99 cents for a song that could be crappy – like any of Vanilla Ice’s songs – Napster is giving customers a free 30 second preview of any song.  Monthly subscribers can preview the entire song.

    Most major and several independent record labels have signed up to distribute the songs.  Napster will still run its regular “All You Can Download” subscription service (which is really a rebranded version of Roxio’s music service) for $12.95 and $14.95 a month and those songs will still be protected by DRM.

    It's great to see Napster coming back from the dead after being sued countless times into near oblivion.  Now if Apple could drop AAC completely the world would be a much better place.