Macbook, iTunes rental announcements expected at Macworld

  • San Francisco (CA) - CES is over and done with, leaving all eyes fixated on the looming Macworld convention as Apple fans ponder over what new gadgets will be unveiled.

    Based on widely circulating rumors, Apple is expected to show off a new laptop called the "Macbook Air" that is half the size of the current models.  That would make it one of the thinnest notebooks available.

    The other big announcement that has already been potentially leaked is the addition of movie rentals to iTunes.  Apple's digital download store already offers numerous feature films available for purchase.  The addition of rentals would be big news, because Apple has prided itself on only offering one download option with no flexibility on iTunes.

    Macworld is well known for its big product debuts.  In the last two years, it was the place where the iPhone and Intel Macs were unveiled.  This year's event begins tomorrow, when Steve Jobs will make his annual keynote address.  That is when we'll see if these rumors actually materialize into anything.